Leave in Namibia

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There are several types of leave in Namibia.

Annual Leave

Annual leave is intended to allow employees to have some rest from their working environment.

According to the country’s Labour Act, an employee is entitled to 24 consecutive days of annual leave with full remuneration.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is usually available to permanent employees but it is also open to staff on probation. For one to qualify for sick leave there has to be a production of a medical certificate.

Namibia’s Labour Act says during the first 12 months of employment, employees who work five days per week accrue one day of sick leave for every five weeks of employment.

Five-day per week employees are entitled to 30 working days of sick leave and six-day per week employees are entitled to 36 working days of sick leave,  applicable for a sick leave cycle of 36 months and not on an annual basis.

Maternity Leave

This leave is offered to female employees who are pregnant. According to the country’s Labour Act, after 12 months of continuous service, a female employee is entitled to four weeks of maternity leave in Namibia before the expected date of confinement and at least eight weeks of leave after the date of confinement. A medical practitioner should certify the confinement.

The rights of any female employee, including seniority, promotion and other benefits shall continue uninterrupted during the period of maternity leave.