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3 February 2021 - The Technical Committee on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Pricing Framework recently submitted its report to the Nigerian government. The committee had to examine fuel prices and electricity tariffs in light of labour unions' demands. Labour Unions are dissatisfied with the rise in prices of petrol and electricity. A meeting of concerned officials will be held in three weeks to deliberate on the report and decide courses of action. Learn more about labour unions in Nigeria

Economic Facts

  • Did you know that the minimum wage in Nigeria is 30,000 NGN per month for working 8 hours a day, 5 days per week? The minimum wage is set by law. Employers who pay less than the minimum wage can be punished by the Nigerian government. Read more about minimum wages in Nigeria 
  • Did you know that in Nigeria, girls are educated less often than boys? In the north-east of Nigeria, 41% of girls receive primary education and in the north-west, 47% of the girls receive primary education. Learn more about minors and youth in Nigeria 
  • Did you know one in every two Nigerians from the labour force is either unemployed or underemployed? The current unemployment rate is 27.1%, which has more than tripled over the past five years. The country’s former capital has issued the Lagos State Graduates Internship Placement Programme (LASGIPP) to curb this problem by engaging at least 4000 youths. Hunt for the job you like through WageIndicator’s jobs and pay section
  • Aliko Dangote of Nigeria has truly cemented his position as the richest man in Africa. The owner of Dangote Cement, he is also an investor and stakeholder in various companies in the agricultural sectors of sugar, flour, and salt. His net worth, as of 2020, is 9.8 billion USD (35.9 trillion ₦) - higher even than the GDP of countries such as Burundi, Liberia, and South Sudan! How much does the average person earn then? Check the wages in context!
  • Nigeria is the 9th largest exporter of crude oil in the world. The petroleum industry acts as a backbone of the Nigerian economy and generates more than 315,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities for Nigerians! Check your salary now
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