Job Boards & Job Search Engines

Learn how to use job search engines and job postings effectively to look for your dream job

What are Job Boards?

Job boards are online sources that help you in searching for jobs in various fields like engineering, marketing, education, social services etc. Job boards don’t usually charge customers for searching for jobs and are free of cost. Job boards require you to submit your resume and then it is forwarded to employers of companies that intend to hire people for particular job opening.
Most of the companies post their ads on job boards as these are easily accessible to all people throughout the country as well as abroad. It is also cost effective for employers to do business with job boards as compared to Newspapers. Job boards can post many jobs and don’t heavily charge the employers for publishing their Ads.


How Job Boards help job hunters?

In modern era, internet is available to a large community of people. Especially in a country like Pakistan, youth is attracted to internet ads and take less interest in jobs posted in Newspapers. Job Boards allow you to search jobs of particular type and related to a particular industry whereas Newspaper doesn’t have that option. Job boards also keep you informed about jobs of your interest on your email address. The communication between employers and job searchers becomes quite efficient via job boards.


Are Job Boards useful or waste of time?

Job boards are useful only when they help you in finding job that you really deserve and matches your skills and qualifications. The biggest problem lies in the fact that many people apply for jobs online blindly and flood their CVs everywhere. As a result the talented persons don’t get the chance to fill a vacancy. In Pakistan, people may also try to deceive employers with fake qualifications and skills as official documents and certificates are not exposed on internet sources. Many people hide their age while applying for a job while some may claim certifications without clearing them. From the point of view of employers, it is very difficult to go through so many resumes and search for best person for a vacancy.  Quality sensitive companies don’t usually take risk of advertising jobs on cheap job boards. Most of the companies use Job boards only for promoting their products or jobs and electronically collecting CVs while only a few of them hire people after screening all of the gathered CVs. Overall, job boards do help employers and job hunters, but to a certain extent only.


What are the risks associated with Job Boards?

Following risks could be attached with using job boards.
• The CVs, uploaded online on job boards, are forwarded to employers. There is no guarantee that persons, who view your CVs, actually intend to hire you or misuse your personal information for some criminal act.
• The job vacancies on job boards may already have been filled when you apply for them.
• Employers are surrounded by so many non-serious people who just blindly apply for every possible job. The persons, best suited for the jobs, may get disheartened when they see so many applicants for a particular job opening.


Should Job Boards charge fees to job hunters?

Job boards that don’t charge any money to job hunters, take the risk of CVs spamming on their forum. It may be a good idea to charge some fees so that only serious candidates may apply for a job. Also there should be restriction on maximum number of jobs that you could apply at a time to avoid spamming.


How to find whether a particular job vacancy really exists?

There is no set rule to find the credibility of a particular job posting on online sources. However, you may get the idea of genuineness of a job from the reputation of the employer. Some job boards also provide us with the flags to indicate the popularity of the source and ratings from the users. Experienced employers remove job posting as soon as it is filled so that people may not get disheartened from the company’s reputation of posting expired ads.


What are the key steps in hiring people through job boards?

Hiring through internet sources could be risky yet it is an effective tool to find best match for a job by inviting persons throughout the world. Owing to prevailing unemployment situation in Pakistan, many people are attracted to internet sources and most of them apply without any real intention to do the job. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important for recruiters to use job boards intelligently. Hiring process may be broken into four steps from the point of view of employers.
• Utilize your company’s popularity and reputation in market to attract maximum people to your website. Don’t use job boards for complete application process for the job. Just post Ad on job board and link it to your website. Then the whole process will be kept to your company’s database instead of making CVs visible online to unintended persons. Post Ads that catches attention by mentioning facilities and motivational features.
• Organize online tests that would help you in sorting the potential candidates.
• Be fast to contact the desired people before they get engaged somewhere else. Job hunters apply at various places online so it is important to hire your desired person quickly as many companies compete for hiring potential candidates.
• Finally arrange an interview with the selected candidates to make sure they really are determined to do the job. It is important to call twice or thrice the number of applicants required for the available seats so that if some candidates don’t appear for interview, still there will be enough competition for vacancies which is beneficial for the employers.


What are active Job Boards in Pakistan?

Following are some of the job boards that are helping out recruiters and job hunters in Pakistan. leads the online hiring sources in Pakistan. This website won the brand of the year award in 2009 and was awarded by Prime Minister of Pakistan on 7th May, 2010. This website didn’t spend any budget on advertisement. is another quite active job board. Its services include recruitment advertising, Human resources consulting and services and much more.
• is another online forum for job hunting. It works for skilled professionals, service providers, companies outsourcing projects, employers, human resource personnel, hiring agencies etc. The website also provides summarized reports about the jobs and activity statistics. helps in searching jobs from daily Newspapers.
• advertises jobs from various Newspapers as well as job vacancies directly posted by companies.
• posts jobs from employers like RaaWee, BEST, SANOFI, HOPE etc.


What are important factors to consider before using a Job Board?
Keep in mind some important tips to get an idea about usefulness of a particular Job Board.
• Keep an eye on the reputation of a job portal by number of employers and job seekers on it.
• The number of years for which the job portal is serving, accounts for its experience.
• Find out their way of collecting information about various jobs.
• Read the privacy policy carefully instead of accepting it bluntly.
• Make sure that job portal doesn’t expose your information to people other than employers.
• Search for the strictness of job posting criteria that shows genuineness of the available jobs.
• Job portals should provide you alerts on mobile or emails by matching your qualifications with available jobs in market.
• There should be equal opportunities for all job seekers to apply for a job.



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