Job interview

What is a job interview? One on one interview, panel interview, group interview. What to do before interview? What to do to make a good first impression? How to answer the questions? What to do after interview?

What is a job interview?
The job interview is a formal meeting and the exchange of question answers among the employer and the potential candidate for the sake of recruitment or hiring in the specific company. It is of many types:

One on one interview - It is the most common type of interview. It is between interviewer and interviewee. In this type, the interviewee feels more comfortable and answers the questions more openly. On the other hand, one to one interview gives opportunity to only a single person in organization to select the best candidate, which may lead to hiring of incompetent person and give chance of illegal deals.
Panel Interview - An interview in which single candidate is interviewed by panel of interviewers. Usually panel consists of people from different departments of the company mainly include technical employees and human resource personnel. In this type of interview, decisions are made on collective opinion of panel regarding potential candidate, which usually leads to hiring of more competent persons.
Group Interview - It is between an interviewer and group of candidates. Sometimes companies use this type of interview to prescreen candidates for job opening. It helps to cope the situation in which large numbers of applications are received for a particular job opening and ultimately saves the time of employer. In-group interview, the interviewer usually observes the ability of candidates to work in group and how he/she interacts with other people.
In Pakistan, usually Panel interview is adopted in Government sector. In private sector both One-on-One and Panel interview is used for selection of potential candidates.

Why is the job interview necessary?
Job interview is very important for the employer as well as for the candidate. The candidate comes to know about the environment of the company. He also gets firsthand information about certain things like working environment, job work, employees of the organization, salary etc that make him feel comfortable while joining. On the other hand, the interview with the candidate helps the employer to select the best and most fruitful person for the company.

What to do before interview?
When you come to know of the interview on the specific date, start preparing for it. First of all gather information about the company including headquarter of the company, founder of the company, current CEO and MD of the organization, departments of the company, department in which you have applied and main functions of that department.
Then prepare all your documents and put them in a neat folder. Clear your mind about your skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses, basic computer tools you know and work experience. Also keep in mind your future job responsibilities. Update yourself about current affairs. Prepare your formal dress. Prepare some questions you want to ask about the organization and the job.

What do you have to do to make your first impression good?
Following key points must be considered to make positive impression on interviewer:
• Arrive before time
• Dress neatly, formally and use some light perfume
• Your shoes must be polished and hair must be neatly combed
• Walk professionally
• Hold your documents in a neat folder
• Your body language must be like professionals
• Talk in a humble but impressive manner
• Try to speak in English with good pronunciation
• Use the words ‘kindly’, ‘thank you’, ‘please’
• Don’t carry too much things with you in interview room
• Put your keys, mobile in your pocket
• Don’t carry any eatables

How to answer the questions in the interview?
While entering the interview room one may feel a bit confused at the start. The best way to get confidence is preparation before the interview. Also keep general key points in mind while answering the interview questions. First of all, make a plot in your mind and think 3 to 4 seconds before answering the questions. Don’t speak too fast or jumble up the words. Be very specific to the question asked. Use good vocabulary, pronunciation and avoid slang language. Use quantitative attributes to answer the questions. If you don’t get the point, ask the interviewer to question again. Always keep in mind your moral and ethical values, don’t go against them. Give right information and don’t lie or give ambiguous answers to the questions.

What are the basic communication criteria you have to adapt?
Communication is the best way to impress others. By keeping in mind few key points you can improve your communication skills in job interview. First of all your verbal language must be like professionals. Use good grammar and vocabulary avoid words like ‘yeah’, ‘uh’, ‘umm’, ‘like’, ‘okay’, etc. Sit straight, keep a good eye contact and don’t see here and there or on the floor or table. Don’t shake your hands or legs. Address your interviewer by Mr. or Ms. But the best word is “sir” or “ma’am”. The tone of your voice must be very humble and soft. Avoid laughing or smiling without any reason. Show your interest and positive attitude towards the interviewer. At the end of the conversation, you can ask your questions. If someone enters the room, don’t look back or show interest towards him. Don’t show that you have low temper.

How you can prove that you are eligible for this post?
You can prove eligibility for the job by explaining your skills, projects, previous work experiences and difficult situations in which you played vital & leadership role in solving it. You can also explain teamwork experience, leadership skills, organizational skills, creative thinking and your problem solving techniques. Also try to impress your interviewer by telling your ability to continuously learn, adaptable skills and flexible nature.

What to do after interview?
In the end of the interview, ask your queries and then say “Thank you sir for giving your time”. Shake hands with the interviewer. Remember that every interview is a learning experience for you. Don’t get disappointed on rejection. It takes time to reach the door of success.

How to answer the questions you don’t know?
There can be some questions you might not be able to answer. At that time, don’t become nervous and focus on the question or say “Kindly repeat the question as I am not getting your point”. If you are unable to answer the question, don’t give lame excuses or vague answers. Be very confident in saying “Sorry sir, I don’t know much about it” also add that “But I will learn if you give me an opportunity to work in your company”. You can also relate some other experience regarding that question. Don’t give negative remarks about that question like “I have never heard this before” or “this is not related to my domain”.

What are the general possible interview questions?
Some questions are common in most of the interviews. So be prepared for them before going to the interview. Few of them are:
1) Introduction of candidates (In introduction it is important for candidate to tell employer about his qualification & job experience and also about his family briefly).
2) Why you want to join this organization & what u know about this organization?
3) Where you see yourself after 5 years?
4) What are your strengths that can be beneficial for the organization?
5) What are your weaknesses and strengths?
6) Describe any scenario where you faced any problem in teamwork and how did you handle that?
7) How you can convince your colleagues?
8) What are your goals? And what are your plans to reach them?
9) Explain any projects you have done before?




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