Job Tips for New Graduates

Hundreds of students graduate every year look for job and apply for them. Every organization is flooded with dozens of resumes for a single post. Your goal is to stand out from all the other candidates. These tips will help you achieve your goal.

Hundreds of students graduate every year look for job and apply for them. Every organization is flooded with dozens of resumes for a single post. Your goal is to stand out from all the other candidates. Following tips will help you achieve your goal.

Preparation and Resume

  • Prepare yourself for job before graduation and start looking for it.
  • Create a good resume. Don't make it boring and bland like a personal biography. Make it active and enthusiastic, use active verbs to explain your skills and goals for the future. Put your enthusiasm in words. Your resume should be as active and young and energetic as you are. Your resume should successfully communicate your accomplishments.
  • Explain how you can offer your best to the company you are applying for.
  • Read the job descriptions of the company carefully and then mold your skills and goals to fully match it and write the best possible resume.
  • Use proper email address and telephone number for follow ups.
  • Proof read resume and let some friend/colleague also check it for any mistakes to avoid bad impression.
  • Send your resume with a proper cover letter.
  • Make online resume as well, use Facebook , Twitter etc 


  • Prepare for interview beforehand.
  • Dress properly and formally, remember basic manners, like smiling (avoid laughing) thank you, handshakes, eye contact etc.
  • Do your home work about the company, memorize their goals and motto, their previous few projects, their financial status, name of the company head, etc. Knowing this will not only give you confidence but an edge among other candidates .
  • During your interview, keep your answers short. Behavioral questions are often asked giving you a specific situation and asking for a response/strategy to deal with it, you can always give reference of the same type of work you have executed in the past.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the interviewer any questions about the job you have applied for or the qualities they want to see in their worker. Ask about the ongoing projects as this will indicate your interest in the company.
  • You can even ask about the company culture and policies.

Post Interview

  • Do follow-ups after the interview from time to time. Write an email or send a hand written thank you note to the company for the chance they have given you for the interview. This will be helpful to the company to remember you and who doesn't like to hire well mannered and enthusiastic person.
  • Technical skills are very important but many people forget to focus on their soft skills and never learn to improve them. Work on your writing and communication skills and make them a strong pillar of your personality and resume. This not only is valuable but hardest to ignore on paper and in an interview.
  • Get skills in multi set of fields; this will not only broaden your horizon about life but also your chances in different fields.


  • Job search itself is a job, so take it seriously and do not feel rejected if you fail to find a job in near future, keep looking for more.
  • Broaden your network, use references and people around you for job.
  • Use newspapers and different websites for job search.
  • Improve your resume, upgrade yourself constantly. Do not sit idle when looking for a job. Doing internships and extra skill courses will also broaden your networking circle and increase your references, a big plus point for you. They will eventually become a source of benefit to you. Remember, education is not a cost, rather it is an investment, perhaps the wisest, one everyone can make.
  • In our country, there are different companies involved in HR and recruitment consultancy. Send your resume to them and they will also help you find a job.

Stay Positive
Don't set vey high expectations even if your interview went very well, do keep in mind rejection and prepare for it , take it positive don't beat yourself up and move forward.


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