Top 10 careers for women in Pakistan

In this page we discuss 10 most favored career options for women in Pakistan, which can help you decide which suits you best.

Women today enjoy a better status compared to the past. Thanks God, we live in the 21st century where women have gained lot of confidence and have dared to enter the horizons which were forbidden to them (literally and figuratively) merely 3 decades ago. Women are still discriminated against on grounds of sex but today she has enough courage to answer back. Working women have dual responsibilities to earn income and look after their families. Choosing a career can be very tough so you have to contemplate a lot while deciding. You must choose a career, which not only benefits you monetarily but also helps you in meeting your family obligations. Here, we discuss 10 most favored career options for women in Pakistan, which can help you decide which suits you best.

1. Medicine
It not only is considered the most noble profession but also very vast and challenging. It can further be divided in to 4 subfields i.e. doctor, nursing, teaching medicine and pharmacy.
DOCTOR: nothing compares to like saving a life. Very tough field indeed as it not only requires extensive hard work but also for a lot of years. As truly said, hard work bears sweet fruit, after getting your degree and getting registered, you can do your private practice which gives you power over your time. If you want to be associated with a hospital and still want to keep your family your top priority you always have a choice to go for fields which don’t deal with emergencies like radiology, skin specialization, BDS, laboratory analyses, etc.
NURSING: women by nature are very empathetic and compassionate and this profession suits them well. Girls, who due to one reason or the other, can’t pursue higher education after matriculation can always do courses in nursing and can work in government and private hospitals which can give them good pay with other benefits or they can work with a private practicing doctor depending on their needs.
TEACHING MEDICINE: there are so many private and government medical colleges in our country. If somehow you don’t see yourself as a practicing doctor, then you can always join the teaching field giving you flexing working hours.
PHARMACY: if you are interested more in effective use of drugs and reviewing of medicines, you can always opt for pharmaceutical studies. A good challenging field with lot of research work involved.

2. Teaching
No doubt women are considered the best teachers in the world, a highly suitable profession for women. Different levels of teaching are available from Montessori level teaching to PhD level. You can choose according to your level of interest. The timings of school and university are also reasonable. Universities also offer visiting faculty option which requires very few working hours. If nothing suits you, you can also do private coaching or start your own coaching business. Over all teaching is a very lucrative source of income.

3. Law
A woman has natural inclination for justice because many times they see themselves victims of discrimination and abuse. Law is a perfect field demanding effort, hard work, memory, intelligence and conviction and she has the guts to do all. The initial years of establishing oneself as a competitive lawyer can be very tough but after achieving this, she can do work on her own terms and conditions. You can also do consultancy with other companies and NGOs.

4. Aviation
A very promising career for young girl whether they want to be pilot or air stewardess/hostess
PILOT: Few years back, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) opened recruitment for female pilots, a policy indeed deserves applause, thus creating exciting opportunity for girls to serve their country in a completely different style. If you have passion and love for adventure, flying could be the answer to it. Commercial piloting is not common but you can also give it a try.
AIR HOSTESS: air hostess/stewardess has to meet certain criteria like height, command over 2 or 3 languages, she has to be compassionate, friendly, and quick in responding to emergencies.

5. Banking
Working hours of banking are quite long and tough but the pay is quite good. The environment of banks is safe and the chances of promotion are quite high if you are hardworking and honest.

6. Information Technology
With extreme dependency on computers in every aspect of life, the demand for IT professionals is rising every day. If a woman is IT specialist, she has the freedom to do either office job or home based projects depending on her own priorities. She can be a stay at home mom and still can do work like web designing, graphic designing, multimedia 3D animation, etc.

7. Media
A best way to express one’s self and show creativity. Few years back this field was not an eye candy of our society, but recently with lot of private TV channels sprouting to surface, this has opened lot of job opportunities for women. Acting, modeling, directing, producing, anchoring, hosting, game shows, etc you name it and it has flavor for everyone. Media industry also provides good salary packages.

8. Designer
Designing field depends on your own set of skills.
FASHION DESIGNING: prêt-à-porter has become lot of rage from this last decade. If you are creative and love to play with color and fabric you can open yourself a boutique or do 2 or 3 exhibitions per year locally or have your specific clients to work for.
JEWELLERY DESIGNING: jewelry is something just for women and many are entering this field. You can work with gold, silver, platinum, stones, artificial jewelry. You can do exhibitions to sale off your work.
INTERIOR DESIGNING: it’s a natural urge in a woman to beautify and decorate her surroundings that is why women tend to become more successful interior designer. After studying interior designing, you can either work with a company or do work solely on projects that seem challenging to you.

9. Beaution 
A great chance to serve humanity (pun intended). A very creative field for women, you can do professional courses from abroad as well as from established beauty salons. You can become a hair specialist, makeup artist, nail specialist or open up your own saloon and be everything. You can even dedicate a certain part of your own home for this purpose and enjoy your business, family and lot of money.

10. Entrepreneurship
In our small cities, cottage industries are common and run by women. In villages, women do handicraft work and embroidery to earn money, in cities however this business trend is not common but is becoming so. You can invest wisely according to your interest and keeping in mind the society requirements/trends. You can do transport business like giving pick and drop facility to college students, doing food business in fresh, frozen and bakery items, fitness gyms, event management, etc. Either you want to do large scale business or small scale, it all depends on your investment and availability of your time.


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