Help the labour Inspector, report labour right violation.

Pakistan has less than 500 labour inspectors which mean there is one inspector for more than 18,000 workers. Considering their meagre number, it is not possible for these labour inspectors to visit all workplaces and fulfil their fundamental responsibility.

The current situation requires an innovative and impartial system which allows civilians (witnesses and victims) to submit labour law compliance-related data without endangering their privacy. It allows safe, risk-free, anonymous and an effective mechanism for reporting labour rights abuses at the workplace. The Whistlers does this magic and allows reporting of labour rights violation information from civilian witnesses and victims. The Whistlers brings the public (witnesses and victims) and labour departments closer through online anonymous but verified reporting of violations. Instead of depending on the labour departments to provide their administrative labour inspection data, the Whistlers allows us to know the scope of various labour rights abuses without even compromising the anonymity of those submitting this information. Once data is submitted by the users (witnesses or victims) and is verified by our team, it is shown on the Google map indicating the particular labour rights violation.

Centre for Labour Research has decided to create online labour rights violation submission form for the following six issues:

Sexual Harassment
Employment Discrimination
Child Labour / Bonded Labour
Trade Union Rights (Freedom of Association)
Workplace/Occupational Accidents

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