Minimum Wages in Pakistan with effect from 01-07-2016 to 30-06-2017

Last update: 14-11-2017
Currency: PK (Rupee (Pakistan))

Unskilled Workers Provincial Mininum Wage

Province Minimum Wage per Month
PAK Punjab
Days per month specified: 26
PAK Sindh
Days per month specified: 26
PAK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Days per month specified: 26
PAK Balochistan
Days per month specified: 26
PAK islamabad Capital Territory
Days per month specified: 26

Minimum Wages Punjab - w.e.f. 1st July 2017

Aluminium & Other Alloys Manufacturing Molding & Bending Industry
Animal Feed and Animal Farms
Bakeries & Sweets Manufacturing Industry
Battery (Auto & Other) Manufacturing Industry
Beverages Industry
Manufacturing of Body Building Auto Vehicles Industry
Brick Kiln Industry
Building & Road Construction Industry
Carpet Industry
Cement Industry
Ceramic Industry
Chambers and Commission Agents Industry
Chemical and Dyes Industry
Cigarettes Manufacturing Industry
Film Studios Industry
Cinema Houses
Clock and Optical Manufacturing Industry
Cotton Ginning and Pressing Industry
Cotton Textile Industry
Custom, Tax Clearing and Insurance Agencies Industry
Cutlery and Allied Goods Industry
Cycle and Cycle Parts manufacturing Industry
Dairy Products Industry
Electronic Equipment and Accessories Industry
Embroidery and Stitching Industry
Fertilizer manufacturing and Allied Industry
Fishery and Hatchery Industry
Flour Milling Industry
Foam and Foam Products Industry
Food Products Industry
Footwear Industry
Fruit Products
Gas and Gas Distributors and Allied Appliances Manufacturing Industry
Glass Industry
Glues, Gelatine and Allied Industry (Bone and Hide etc.) Industry
Hair Saloon and Beauty Clinics Industry
Handicrafts Industry
Hardware (Tanks, Containers) Industry
Heating and Ventilation Industry
Hosiery and Knitted Goods Industry
Hotel and Restaurants Industry
Ice Manufacturing and Cold Storages Industry
Industrial Chemical and Gas Filling Packing, Sales and Allied Industry
Interior Decoration and Poshash etc. Industry
Iron and Steel (Foundries and Workshops) Industry
Jute Industry
Leather (Including Artificial Leather) Industry
Marble and Stone Crushing Industry
Marriage, Banquette and Community Halls and Event Management Industry
Match Box Manufacturing Industry
Media (Print and Electronic) Industry
Metal (Primarily Concerned With Utensils) Industry
Mining and Quarrying (Other Than Coal Mines) Industry
Motor Road Transport Industry
Motorcycle, Scooter, Three Wheel Automobiles and Allied Parts Manufacturing Industry
Nursery Growers and Allied Services Industry
Paint Varnish and Allied Products Industry
Paper and Paper Products
Printing and Publication
Paper Board and Paper Products Industry
Perfumes, Cosmetics and Other Toilet Preparations Industry
Petroleum Refinery
Oil Fields
Pharmaceutical Industry
Pipe (Iron, Steel and Plastic) Industry
Plastic Products Industry
Plastic Recycling and Plastic Raw Material Manufacturing Industry
Pottery and Crockery Industry
Poultry, Poultry Farms and Animal Medicine Industry
Power Generation Plants Industry
Radiators and Boilers Manufacturing Industry
Ready-Made Garments Industry
Rice Milling Industry
Rubber and Rubber Goods Manufacturing Industry
Schools, Academies and Educational (All Categories) Industry
Security Service Providers and Security Instruments, Installation and Manufacturing Industry
Seeds, Pests and Allied Industry
Sewing Machines and Parts Manufacturing Industry
Shops and Commercial Establishments Industry
Embroidery Units
Units Engaged in Silk and Rayon, Yarn Manufacturing, Weaving, Sizing, Printing, Dyeing and Finishing of Silk and Art Silk Fabrics
Silver, Gold and Artificial Ornaments Manufacturing Industry
Small Units Power Looms Indusry
Soap and Detergents Industry
Sports Goods Industry
Steel Re-Rolling Mills
Sugar Industry
Surgical, Medical and Dental Instruments and Equipment Manufacturing Industry
Tanning (Tanneries) Industry
Tea, Coffee, Kahwa Blending, Packing, Trading and Allied Industry
Telecommunication Equipment and Accessories Industry
Tent and Sheds Maufacturing Industry
Textile Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Industry
Thermo-Pore and Packing Material Manufacturing Industry
Tools and Tools Parts Manufacturing Industry
Tractors, Agriculture Implements and Allied Industry
Tube Well, Turbines Water Pumps Industry
Vegetable Ghee and Edible Oil Industry
Water Purification Plants and Allied Items Manufacturing or Assembling Industry
Wood and Wood Products (Including Furniture and Fixture) Industry
Woollen Textile Industry
Workshops (All Categories) Industry
Yarn, Thread and Fiber Industry
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