Footwear Industry

Applicable to workers employed in the Footwear Industry
 Approved minimum rates of wages per month for 26 days
Supevisory Wages left for mutual bargaining between the employers and workers
Assistant Accountant
Boiler Engineer (Ist Class)
Chief Accountant
Chief Quality Controller
Company Manager
Company Secretary
Cost Accountant
Computer Incharge
Development Officer
General Manager
Leather Manager
Manager printing and packing
Manager Production
Manager purchase
Office Manager
Personnel and Public Relation Officer
Pay Master
Sales Staff Manager
Senior Supervisor
Staff Manager
Security Officer
Secretary/ Personnel Officer
Supervisor all types
Ministerial-A 14,444/-
Accounts Assistant
Office Assistant
Senior Monitor
Ministerial-B 13,561/-
Imam Masjid
Store Keeper/ Stock Keeper
Ministerial-C 13,040/-
Assistant Draughtsman
Clerk all types
Gate Keeper
Record Keeper
Time Keeper
Highly Skilled 14,324/-
Assistant Chemist
Boiler Engineer (II-Class)
Group Manipulator
Head Electrician
Head of Skilled Operations
Head sewing Machine Operator
Incharge Yosa
Instructor Confection
Skilled-A 13,561/-
Bench Fitter
Black Smith
Boiler Fitter
Boiler Engineer (III-Class)
Bottom Man
Chappal Make (Complete)
Charge hand
Cutting master
Dies Checker
Fitting Master
Grading Machinist (Templates)
Heel Master
Laboratory Assistant
Lathe man
Laster (Complete Shoe)
Marking Man
Milling Man
Mochi/ Cobbler
Motor Winder
Mould Maker
New Machine Maker (Moulds)
Pipe Fitter
Shaper Man
Sole Master
Stitcher/ Upper Sewing Man (Complete)
Tin Smith
Transport Driver
Upper Fitter
Upper Man
Upper Shader
Upper Skiving Man (by hand)
Skilled-B 13,240/-
Air Bag and Diapharm Maker
Bad Exchange Cutter (Textile)
Bad Exchange Cutter (Leather)
Banbury Mixer
Banbury Operator
Betches Mixer
Bed Lasting Man
Channeling Sole and Insole and Leveling Man
Compound Mixer (Rubber)
Cold Knives Maker
Compound Preparing Man
Cutting Sole Tropical
Eraover Chilai
Full and Half Sole Cutter (Lather)
Head Vulcanising man
Heal Builder
High Frequency Welder (Vibox)
Hot Knives Maker
Injection Moulder
Middle Sole Jarai
Preparing Man (Leather)
Pressing Man (hydraulic press)
Pressman (Tenye press)
Pulling Over Man (Pulling Over on Astra/ Schon Machine)
P.V.C. Operator
Quality Checker (Finishing/ Leather)
Roller man
Sandal Maker (Complete)
Scissor Man
Sheets Remover (Sheeting off from Banbury Mill)
Sole Cutter Welman)
Sole Cutter Welman M/C (Rubber)
Solution Worker (Pigments for Tanning) man
Sole Stitcher (Leather)
Sun Pak Operator
Sewing Machine Operator
Three Bowl Operator
Trimming man (Leather)
Upper Clicker (Leather)
Upper Cutter
Upper Cutter (Textile) Double Arm Clicker
Unipak Operator
Semi-Skilled-A 12,438/-
Across Back Stitcher
Ankle Pads Cutter
Ankle Patching Man
Attacher Lifts/ Keder/ Steel Shanks
Back Sewing Man
Bias Stitching and Cutting Man
Binding Man-M-Sole (Hand)
Bindings Man (Upper Quarter.Collars Plug, Insole)
Blanks Cutter
Board/ Paper Cutter
Bond Welt Attacher
Boiler Man
Book Binder
Box Maker and Packer (Leather)
Box Maker/Cutter/Creasing Folding and Punching)
Box Stitcher
Buffing Man Sole and Heel
Cement Mixer
Channel Opening Man
Checker Quality (Plastic and Rubber)
Clicker Insole Cover Leather
Clicker Eyelet Stays/Back Reinforcements Leather
Clicker Sole Cured and Uncurred (Bottom Clicker)
Clicker Waterproof rammy/ Toe Guard
Clicker Spongs Insole Filing
Colour Matching Man
Controller Stitcher (Upper/ Components)
Corporal Man
Counter Man
Counter Cutter (Textile)
Counter Stitcher (Outside)
Counter Trimming (M/C)
Crushing/ Hammering and Sievingman
Crusher Rubber Rags
Cut Foxing Man (Vamp/Skive/Small Parts)
Cutter Elastic/ Facing
Cutter Half Middle Sole/Full Midddle Sole Leather
Cutter Molino (Fariction Parts)
Cutter Side Tapes/ Eyelet stays (Textile/ PVC Double Arm Clicker)
Cutter Tropical Sole/ Middle Sole
Cutting/ Binding man
Decoration/ Toe Caps Stitcher (Leather)
Derby Joining man (Leather)
Double Arm Clicker
Dyer/ Bleacher
Edges Setting Man
Edges Stitcher (Leather)
Electrician Helper
Embossing Man/ Stamper (Foil)
Embossing Man (Sandt M/C)
Embossing Man (Western Embossing M/C)
Extruding man (Foxing) Rammy Straps
Extrude and Fit top Foxing man
Extruding and Spooling man
Eyelet Decoration Stitcher
Eyelet Stays Stitcher
Facing Stitcher
False Stitcher Man
False Vamp Stitcher
Feathering/ leveling Man
Filteration Man
Fitter Helper
Flenging Man (Toe and Heels)
Folding Man (Thermo Edges Folding Machine)
Force Laster
Foxing Joining Man
French Binding Man
Grinding Man
Grinding and Shaking Man
Half lift/ Half Split Lifts
Hand Upper Cutter (Canvas)
Hawai Chapal Marker (Complete)
Heel Attacher
Heel Builder
Heel Front Cutter
Heel Hollowing Man
Heel Laying and Pressing Man
Heel Moulding Man (Compressing man)
Heel pads Cutter (Leather)
Heel pads Cutter (PVX)
Heel seat Lasting Man
Heel Seat Lailing Man
Heel Slugging Man
Heel Seat Rounding Man
Helper Mechanic
Helper to Machine Operator (Printing)
Helper to Preparing Man
Hand Sprayer
Imitation Machien Operator
Impregnating Man
Inseem Trimming Man
Insole and Filling Cutter (Rubber)
Insole Cutter (Leather Board) 
Insole Slotting Man M/C
Ironing Man
Intaker-Decoration Straps T-Bar
Joining Man (Upper with Quarter/ Elastic)
Knife Sharpemer
Lasting Man (Kamborian)
Lasting Man Pliers
Lasting Man Toe
Lastex Dipping Man (Toes & Side)
Leather Man Helper
Leveling Man-Sole/ Middle Sole
Leveling Sole Man (With Channel)
Lining Clicker (Leather)(Quarter and Counter)
Lining Fitting (Toe Foxing) and Leveling Man
Lining Joining Man (With upper)
Lifts Nailer
Loose Nailing Man
Maker and Measurer
Mechanic Compressor
Mixing Man
Mixture Preparer
Motor Winder Jelper
Moulding Man
Mould and Mandrel Cleaner
Moulded Soles Recutter
Mould Maker Helpe (Pentograph)
Overhauling Mechanic
Pump man Helper
Pipr Fitter Helper
Packer (Rubber)
Packer & Checker
Pulling Man
Pulling over and Lasting (By Hand)
Pulling over Man (Rubber)
Pulling over Man (Tenye)
Paper and Roll maker
Pressing Man (Board)
Pressing Heel Man
Punching Man (Machine or Dice)
Perforating Man
Pounding Man
Powering and Cut Foxing Man (5 Bowl)
Plug Joining Man (Canvas & Leather)
Platform and Heal Cover Stitcher
Pigment Applicator
Quarter Joining Man
Re-milling Man
Rolling and Binding Cutting Man
Rolling and Poly Sheets Cutting man
Roughing Man
Rubber Part Cutter (Eelectric Knife)
Reviting Man (Regenta or Similar Eyeleting Machine)
Reinforcement Clicker
Ripple Sole Cutter
Rough Rounding Man
Side Joining Man
Slipper Binding Man
Side Attaching Man
Sticher Bottom of Counter (On Mark)
Stitcher Round Top of Upper
Stitcher Back Strap Shaped (Leather)
Saddle Wrapper Stitcher (Leather)
Socks Stitcher
Stitcher (Tongues Reinforcement Loop)
Stitcher Golden Straps Front Seams
Stitcher Back Straps
Stitcher Straps Front Slippers
Stitcher Leather and Textile Lining
Shank Eyeleting man (Canvas)
Spotting Turning Wrapper Man
Sole Pressing Man (California)
Sewomg Fur-cuff man
Sole Adorning Man
Scouring Man
Socks Cutter
Shanks and Filler Cutter (Board)
Sole Piece & Under Pad Cutter
Sole Cutter (Neolite Cellocrepe Durocushion)
Shelton Welt Cutter (Leather)
Sole Piece Extention Cutter
Sorter and Middle Sole Cutter
Sole & Insole Moulding Man
Sole Piece Trimmer
Sole/ insole Grooving man
Stitch Separator
Splitting Man (Cellocrepe)(Durocushion Sheest Slabs)
Shadow Sprayer
Screwing Man
Side Lasting Man (Kamborian)
Sole Layings and Pressing man
Screen Printer
Sole Leveler (with Channel)
Scouring Man (Sole/ Heel)(Leather and Rubber)
Selector and Preparing Man
Scale Man
stage Controller
Shaper man Helper
Sallets Man
Slotting Man
Toes Cutter (Textile/ PVC)
Toes Pads Cutter PVC
Top Pads Cutter
Toes & Counter Cutter (Leather/ Leather Board)
Toe & Counter Cutter (Cellastic)
Top Lifts/ Full Under Lifts Cutter (Leather)
Tapes Stitcher (Textile/ PVC)
Textile Marker
Top Line Forming Man
Toe Lasting Man
Turn & Paste Insole Wrapper man
Thread Laster
Toe & Heel Lasting Man
Tapering Man
Trimming Man (Sole Edges Heel Seat)
Trimming Man (Electric Knife)
Tin Tips Presser M/C
Textile Roll Marker
Tyre Repairing Man
Tempering Man
Textile Printer
Vamping Man (Leather)
Upper Skiver
Wrapper Cutter (PVC) Leather
Wire Roughing Man
Waist and Lining Lasting Man
Welt and Sole Paster
Waste/ Spews/N.Sole Crusher (Mason Mill)
Washing & Drying Man
Warmingand Mixing Man
Welder Helper
Zig Zagging Man
Semi Skilled-B 12,238/-
Apperture Applying Man
Aluminum Paste Cleaner and Checker
Assistant Vulcaniser
Buckle Sticher
Back Pressing Man
Back Seam Plainer
Back Seam Rubbing Man
Backing man
Back Lasting Man
Brushing Man
Boes Decoration Inserter
Buckling Man
Buckle Attacher
Binding Finisher
Box Preparing
Box Paster
Box Marking Man (Rubber)
Bows Preparing Man
Boxes Packer & Supplier
Box Foler (Car Board)
Board Marker
Boots Tester (Water Tank)
Boots Dusting Man
Cementing Man (Straps/ Lining/Toe and Sides)
Cementing & Pasting Man
Cementing Man
Cementing Man Insole Filling etc (Hand)
Cementing Man Toe Guard/ Bumper/ Toe/Fur
Cementing Man insole Counter Toe/Soles
Cementing Man (upper & Lining)
Cementing Man (Socks/ Heel/Pads)
Cementing Man-Heel
Cementing Man-Bond Welt
Channel Cementer
Cotton Cutter
Cutting and Cementing Foxing man
Cutting Hammering and Joining Welt Man
Cutting Tops Man
Cutter (Scissors)
Cutter (Straps Elastic End)
Controlling/ Filling Counter Straps
Controlling/ Transferring Man
Controlling and Delivering Man
Components Controller
Controller Sheets (Thickness & Areas)
Controller Vamps/ Quarters Straps/ Side Tapes
Collector Arranger, Supplier
Collector, Controller and Arranger
Collector and Grinder waste paper
Compounds Arranging & Storing Man
Clicking Man intacking by the punch
Components preparer
Checker Nails
Crimping and Embossing Man Shifting Textile
Cord Opener
Colouring Man
Clearning Man
Cord Separator
Cleaner Over all (Lining & Edges)
Defective Sole Painting and Cleaning Man
Diagonal Cutter
Dresing Man (Upper/ Bottom)
Dipper (Varnish)
Drying and Folding Man
Edge Cutter (3 Bowl)
Edge & Heel Sinking Man
Edge Folding Man
Edge Hammering Man
Edge pressing Man (Between Roller)
Edge Painter
Evaporation Texting & Pouring Man
Emery Scouring Pads Maker
Fitting Man (Toe Guard/Bumpers/Collars/Toe)
Fitting Man Counter/Toe
Fitting Stock Vamp/Vamp Quarters
Fitter Stock Vamp/Molino Strips
Fitter Filler-Binder Soles
Fitter Foxing Vamp Quarters
Fitter String/ Decals
Foxing Fitter on Insole
Foxing Opener and Supplier
Flower Joiner
Filling Cementing and Pasting Man/ Shank Attacher
Front Cutting and Unlasting Man
Finishing Man-Bond Welt
Fitting Man (Toe Cap/Big/Hard Design)
Fetcher Cementer and Paster
Fixer Applying man
Folding Testing and Delivering Man
Feeding Man (3 Bowls)
Flannel Maker
Folder upper material
Glue paster
Gap Covering man
Gum Tregacent Applying Man
Grinder Man
Goods Carrier
Heel Measuring Zman
Hammering & Petrolling Man
Heigh Maker
Heel Shining Man
Helper Spreader
Helper Book Binder
Helper to Boiler man
Helper for Opening & Shifting Textile
Helper to making Factics/Preparing Man
Helper for Printing and Cleaning Frames
Helper Manipulant
Helper to Warming & Pulling Man
Insole Flexing Man
Insole Wrapering Man
Insole Edge Colouring Man
Immitation Wheeling Man
Insert Paper and Back Taking Man
Ironing Man
Intacker/Derby & Buckle Straps
Jute Remover
Joint Maker
Joining Man-Colour/Elastic
Knot Maker
Label Cutting and Pressing Man
Lining Joiner (With Upper)
Lacing Man (Buckles/StrAPS)
Lining/Toe Puff Fitting Man
Lasts putting Man
Lastexing Man
Lasts Inserter
Laces Tightener
Locking Man
Leveling/ Hammering Insole Man
Loosening Man
Lable Paster
Labeling and Packing Man
Material Receiver/ Controller/Supplier
Material Receiver & Controller
Material Aranger (Teknye)
Material Collector & Arranger
Material Receiver
Material Supplier
Material Arranger
Molino Parts Preparer
Measuring & Spooling Man
Measuring Building Man
Measuring/Counting/Building Man
Maker (Stencelling Cases)
Nails Feeder
Nails Packer
Nailing Man (Packing Case)
Nail Inserter
Netting Spreader
Numbering Man
Nets Refixer
Oils Mixing Man
Opening Cementing Man (Toe Cap/Big/Hard/Design)
Open Tongue & Sponge Inserting Man
Overall Cleaner (Hoe)
Pasting Man (Straps Lining/Toe)
Pasting Man  (Straps Lining/Toe & Sides)
Pasting Man (Upper & Ling)
Pasting Man (Socks/Heel)
Pairing Man
Perforating Man (Eyelet Holes)
Petrolling Man (Upper Tapes)
Petrolling Man (Upper/Collar/Foxing)
Planning and Leveling Man Toe/Cap Big and Design)
Plastic Bows Inserters
Plastic Tubes Cutter
Ploshing Man (Shoes)
Poms/Bows and Trim Attacher
Powdering and Spooling Man
Powdering Rolling and Drying Man (Bowls)
Pre-Folding & Spooling Man
Pre-Marking Man
Prep & Sole Wetting Man
Preparing Man-Lasts, Upper Soles Bottom units
Preparing and Assembling Man
Perparing packing Counting and Supplying Man
Pressing Rolling Man
Pressing Rolling Man
Pressing Rolling man (Foxing Rammy)
Pressing Rolling Man Toe Guard/Bumper/Collars)
Production Boy
Punching Man (by hand)
Putting Man (In Drying Chamber)
Putting and Pressing Filler man
PVC Upper Vulcaniser & General lhelper
Rammy Paster
Receiver & Checker
Receiver & Weigher
Repairing Man
Rolling and Copunter Waxing Man
Rollinmg & Pressing Man
Rolling Man (Bata Board/ Leather Board)
Rolling Lining Man (ith Collocrepe Blanks)
Roughing Man (Revolving Brush)
Rubber Bale Cutting Man
Sandals Unbuckling Man
Seat Wheeling Man
Scouring Man (Tapes/ Upper)Separator & Aranger
Separator & Arranger
Shanks Stapler
Shaping or Trimming man (Scissor)
Sheetrs and Crepe Supplier to Cutter and Roller Man
Sheets Arranger
Sheets Cutter
Sheets Cutter & Arranger
Sheets Cutter (by hand)
Sheets Storing Man
Shellace Applying Man
Shoes Supplier
Shellace Man (Heels)
Shines Pusher
Silver Paint Sprayer
Skiver Heel Pads/ Rubber Tapes
Skiver Counter/ Shanks/Runner-Auto
Sole Cleaner (Cilicon Oil)
Sole Leveling & hammering Man
Sole Pressing Man
Sole Putting Man
Sole Supplying Man
Solution Aplying Man
Solutioning Man
Spew Removing Man
Splitting Man
Sticker Sponage and Insole and pressing Man
Stock Arranger
Staples Extractor
Slotting Man (by hand)
Stitcher Socks at Toe Tenyc)
Stitcher (Heel & Toe Pads Straps/Side Tapes)
Stoffening Man Vamp/Counter Fron straps with Molino)
Straps Carrier
Straps Inserting Man
Straps and Guard Cutter
Straps Insertger (In plastic Tubes)
Strips Cutter
Striping Man
Supplier of Lasts
Surplus Upper Trimmer
Surplus Lining Trimmer
Take Wax Paper off Lining Man
Tapes Pressing Man
Tapes Putting Man
Tapes Wheeling Man
Taping Man (Back/Front Straps)
Tetra Applying man
Tester & Supplier
Textile Rolling and Drying man
Thong Inserter
Thread Cutter/ Thread Burner
Thread Cutting/ Winding man
Thread Reinforcement Putting man
Atin Tips Fixer (Hand)
Tin Tips Rounding and Cutting man
Toe Hardener Aplying Man
Tops Fitter
Trimming Man
Trimming Spews Man
Timmer (Hand)
Trimming Wheeling Man
T.R.O.Aapplying Man
Trolly Man
Truck Cleaner
Tubes Filling and Sealing 
Tyres Cutting Man
Textile Drier
Unlasting Man
Upper and Lining Cleaner
Upper Bottom Cleaner (Brush)
Upper Cleaner
Upper Cleaner (With Teepol)
Upper inserter
Upper Mulling Man
Valaves Cleaner, Assembler and Supplier 
Washing Man
Waste Sorter
Wax Applying Man
Weigher Arranger and Supplier
Welt Wetting Man
Wheeling Trimming man (foxing Rammy)
White Sieving Man
Wire Beads Extractor, Cleaner and Supplier
Wood Finisher
Unskilled 12,000/-
Dirt Cleaner/ Dust Cleaner
Fleshing Transporter
Fleshing Sorter
Goods Supplier
Lace Opening & Cleaning Man
Load Carrier (Crumbs/ Scarp)
Oil Applier (On PVC Strap)
Powdering Man
Price Ticket Pastr
Sheets Bringing Man
Sheets Carrier
Sheets Loading/Unloading Man
Shoe Laces Wrapping Man
Wrapper Moistening Man
Water applying man
Miscellaneous-A 14,244/-
Security Inpector
Miscellaneous-B-I 13,040/-
Head to Chowkidar/ Watchman
Head Mali
Miscellaneous-B-II 12,438/-
Guard/Gate Keeper
Malaria Man
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