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3 February 2021 - The coronavirus pandemic has changed the nature of jobs in Rwanda. Reports indicate that lockdowns have increased demand for tech skills in the IT and Finance sectors. On the other hand, sectors like Trade and Rducation have been disrupted. Workers must adapt to these trends to compete in this rapidly-changing labour market. Take the survey on living and working in times of the coronavirus survey

Economic Facts

  • Did you know that for one day of playing football, Lionel Messi makes 636,769,124 RWF? In a year, he makes 165,559,972,368 RWF. Meanwhile, the national minimum wage in Rwanda is 100 RWF per day. How much do you make by comparison? Take the salary survey of Rwanda
  • Did you know that Rwanda has been the fastest growing economy in Central Africa in the past few decades? Between 2001 and 2014, the country had a spectacular growth rate of around 8 percent annually. Learn more about wages in Rwanda
  • Rwanda is one of the forty-odd countries in the world to ban plastic. The selling, importing, and production of plastic is considered illegal. But, the scope of the ban exceeds that of other countries. For example, plastic smugglers can receive a six-month jail sentence and executives can find themselves in prison for up to a year if their companies produce or keep illegal plastic. What is the cost of living in Rwanda?
  • Did you know that 83% of Rwanda's population of 10.5 million lives in rural areas? This comes as no surprise considering that more than 70% of the population still works in subsistence farming. What kind of wages can be earned in agriculture?
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