Work Injury Benefits

This page was last updated on: 2021-01-12

Disability / Work Injury Benefit

Work injuries are divided into four categories: (i) permanent total incapacity (ii) permanent partial incapacity (iii) temporary incapacity and (iv) fatal injury leading to death of a worker.

In the case of permanent total incapacity/disability, the benefit is 85% of a worker's average earnings in the 3 months before the disability began. 40% of the insured worker's pension is paid if the worker requires the constant attendance of others to perform daily functions.

In the case of permanent partial disability (when assessed degree of disability is 15% or above), amount of compensation depends on the assessed degree of disability and a percentage of full pension is paid accordingly. For assessed degree of disability of 1% to 14%, a lump-sum of 3-year pension is paid.

In the case of temporary disability, 75% of worker's average wages (in the 3 months before the disability began) are paid until full recovery or certification of permanent disability. Temporary disability benefit is paid for the maximum of 180 days.

In the case of fatal injury, dependents receive survivors' pension. 30% of a worker's average earnings is paid to a spouse (widow/widower) and 15% of a deceased worker's earnings are paid to each orphan under 18 years of age (age limit is 25 years in case of a student, no age limit in case of disabled). A full orphan receives 20% of the survivors' pension. Parents receive 10% of pension. Total survivors' benefits cannot exceed 100% of a deceased worker's permanent disability pension.

Funeral Grant is paid as a lump sum of 100 times the legal monthly minimum wage, which varies by sector.

Source: Articles 15-17 of Law N° 06/2003 of 22/03/2003 Modifying and Completing the Decree Law of August 22, 1974 Concerning Organization of Social Security; ISSA Country Profile Rwanda, 2017

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