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Why should I invest in training for my employees?

There are number of reasons that you may have to invest in training or retraining your employee(s). Some of these are, to maintain your workplace social capital, to avoid the cost of recruitment, to reduce high turn over, for business continuity, for improved quality of services or products produced and to adapt to new technology in the market.

Why should I train or retrain instead of hiring an employee with the required skills?

One main reason that should make you refrain firing an employee and hiring a new one is the need to preserve your hard earned social capital. Social capital in this sense means the relationship that exists among employees. It is such interaction which makes the wheels turn in your business. Training, or retraining, will enable you to preserve your social capital while you uplift the skills of your workforce to match demands. Hence the costs that are incurred for training should be taken as an investment.

Should employees invest in their own training or I should always cover the costs?

As an employer, you need to establish what is the motive for your employee asking for training permission or assistance or both; in the event that it is a lack of job skills that motivate him/her, you should support them as much as possible. On the other hand, if you find out that he/she is retraining because they want to change employers, you may still provide support though this does not have to be direct financial investment. It should also be a red flag for you to inspect your working environment so that you can detect whether the intention to change employers is resulting from bad internal factors such as a bad working environment, poor team work, etc or bad external factors such as lack of experience, etc.

Why should one train or retrain?

There are diverse areas/disciplines for your employees to train or retrain. You may wish them to train/retrain to upgrade their skills for your job requirements, or maybe to meet the needs of new production techniques that you are about to adapt. You should find out what it is your staff lacks, and what is most needed.

When is it appropriate for training?

There is no specific period which is suitable for such training. It mainly depends on availability of time, financial resources and the availability of the required training programme by the preferred training provider. Hence you do not have to be time bound as to specific period of the year your employees can under go training. This is not conventional training such as held in colleges or universities.

What are the training institutions or organisations for job-related training in Tanzania?

In Tanzania there are number of the training institutions or service providers for short to long term training dedicated to employees and even management level.
The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) and Trade Union Congress of Tanzania (TUCTA) are the largest institutions that offer such training.

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