Employment Security

Collective Agreements

Can I as an employer sign a CBA with two trade unions? What are the matters that can be negotiated and included in a CBA? Learn more about Collective Agreements in Tanzania.

Fixed Term Contracts

Tanzanian labour Law prohibits hiring fixed term contract workers for tasks of permanent nature. A contract of employment may be concluded for an unspecified (indefinite) period of time, for a specified period in the case of professionals and managerial cadre and for a specific task. There is no other provision in the Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004 on renewal or the maximum length of fixed term contracts. 

Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004, Art. 14

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HR manual

Do you have your HR manual? Why is it neccessary? How to create it? Find out in HR manual.

Notice Requirement

Before an employer terminate the contract, workers should be given the termination notice. Notice period lasts one week if it is served in one month of employment. After first month an employee working on daily basis should be served notice four days before termination and if an employee works on monthly basis, the notice period should be 28 days. A longer notice period may also be agreed upon between the parties if it is equal between the worker and the employer. Notice of termination has to be in writing, stating the reasons for termination and the date on which the notice is given. Notice of termination can’t be given during any period of leave allowed under law or notice that runs concurrently with any such period of leave.

Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004Section 41- 42

Severance Pay

Severance pay is calculated according to the basic wage and number of years of employment, i.e. basic wage for 7 days for each completed year of employment. A worker must have completed at least 12 months of service with the employer. However, it is not payable if an employment is terminated on account of misconduct, incapacity and incompatibility with requirements of business

Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004Section 42, 

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Written Employment Particulars

Tanzanian labour Law requires that employees would be provided written statement of particulars at the start of employment. These particulars are name, age, permanent address and sex of the employee; place of recruitment; job description; date of commencement; form and duration of the contract; place of work; hours of work; remuneration, the method of its calculation, and details of any benefits or payments in kind, and any other prescribed matter. However, if these particulars have already been provided in employment contract, employer may not furnish the written state of employment particulars. 

Employment and Labour Relations Act, Section 15,  2004

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