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4 February 2021 - Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Tanzania failed to earn a projected $2.9 billion from their tourism sector in 2020. It is estimated that East Africa’s second biggest economy would have attracted a total of 1.9 million tourists in the past year. However, this estimate could not be reached as the economic growth of Tanzania has slowed down in 2020, from 6.9% to 5.5%. Take our survey on living and working during the coronavirus pandemic

Economic Facts

  • Tourism in Tanzania accounts for almost one-fifth of the gross domestic product, while the services sector on the whole accounts for almost two-fifths. Other two-fifths of the  ountry's population is engaged in agricultural production accounting for approximately the  same proportion of the country's gross domestic product. Take our cost of living survey in Tanzania
  • Tanzania ranks 6th among the 47 countries belonging to the Sub-Saharan Africa region with its economic freedom score well above the regional average. What are salaries in Tanzania?
  • Tanzania is heavily dependent on the agricultural sector, which accounts for over 25% of its GDP and provides employment to the majority of the nation. Complete the salary survey to compare your salary to others in Tanzania
  • Since 2000, Tanzania has witnessed an approximate 7% annual GDP growth since 2000, making the country one of the fastest growing African economies. Find more information on work and wages in Tanzania

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