Changing Your Career

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Why do people change their career or switch jobs?

There are various reasons prompting people to change their career. These include the need to explore new challenges, to try and earn a higher salary, to gain different work experience and to learn more within a specific sector. Sometimes people also change jobs because they wish to avoid a confrontational relationship with their current employer, immediate supervisor, manager or fellow employee, or because they are not happy with their work conditions or salary.

What are the necessary preparations to make before changing jobs?

Make a thorough assessment of your experience, strength and skills in relation to the new job that you are aspiring to. One simple way to do this is to assess the activities that you have been able to accomplish successfully in your current career.

Make use of insider information

Try to consult with colleagues and friends who are currently operating in the industry that you are aspiring to join. Their input should be complemented by reading and researching as much as possible. In Tanzania this can be done by reading sectoral publications and attending sectoral seminars, as well reading books, articles or journals whenever available.

Do you have the right education for your new career?

Assess your education/profession in relation to the new job you aspire to. There are some careers which require you to have specific educational qualifications. If you do not have these, find out how possible it is for you to acquire these skills, via college or long distance study or on-the-job training.

When do you make the decision?

Go through all the information as highlighted above, and make sure you feel prepared. Assess your ability, productivity and skills in relation to your new career, and honestly assess whether you think you can do the job. If you feel you meet all the requirements, and are ready for a change, then the time is right!

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