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What is a Cover Letter? Is it different from an Application Letter?

A cover letter and an application letter are the same thing. They both intend to introduce you to a prospective employer. This is a valuable opportunity which you should make the most of. You should write well about yourself to impress your prospective employer. Be sure to emphasise the skills, experience and qualifications that make you the most suitable candidate for the post. This is what employers are looking for when they read your cover/application letter.

Why should you include a Cover Letter with your CV?

You include a cover letter as a formal introduction. Normally, the information you provide in the cover letter will demonstrate the skills, experience and knowledge that you possess. A well-written cover letter should motivate your potential employer/recruitment agent to read your CV for more details about you.

When and where you should send your Cover Letter?

A cover letter is needed when the job application has specifically required it. Additionally, even if the advertised post is silent about a cover letter, it always adds value to send it with your CV.

You may also send a general cover letter to a recruitment agent if you are not sure which job they will send it to on your behalf. Here it is a good idea to make this general cover letter as exhaustive as possible, stressing your strengths and experience so as to appeal to a wide range of potential employers.

Basic letter-writing techniques apply to all of these scenarios.

What is the best way to send your Cover Letter?

With advances in technology email is the most efficient way of sending your application. Remember to follow all the requirements when writing official letter when you write your cover/application letter. Also ensure that the main skills that you have mentioned in your cover letter are also included in your CV that you will send together with the letter.

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