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Why recruitment agencies?

It is not always easy for employers to find workers in Tanzania (and elsewhere in the world). Likewise, with the increase of universities in Tanzania and the increased number of graduates from the said universities, it is not always easy for graduates to find jobs. Businesspeople came up with the idea of operating recruitment agencies with the aim of assisting employers to employ workers and job seekers to find suitable jobs.

Does Tanzania have national recruitment agencies?

Yes. There are public recruitment agencies in Tanzania known as TaEsa (Tanzania Employment Services Agencies) and the Public Services Recruitment Secretariat. So far, Tanzania has more than fifty recruitment agencies including international and local recruitment agencies.

What is the scope of the work of recruitment agencies?

Depending on the agreement between agencies and employers, some of their work is limited to referring CV’s of job seekers with various qualifications, while leaving the interviewing and selection of candidates to employers. However, in some cases recruitment agencies will interview the candidates and refer the selected employee to the employer.

Is there any law which regulates these recruitment agencies?

Apart from the general Companies Act which regulates every business in Tanzania, this particular industry lacks a regulator.

Are Tanzanians (employers and employees) aware of the existence of these agencies?

Although there has been a large growth of recruitment agencies in Tanzania we still feel that some employers are not aware of their existence, or how to find the agencies. Here is a list of some Tanzanian agencies:

  • Association of Tanzania Employers
  • Radar Recruitment
  • People Power Limited
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Enrich Africa
  • Zoom Tanzania Limited
  • Prospect Africa
  • Manpower agency
  • Professional Approach
  • Shugulika Recruitment
  • Business Online (T) Ltd 
  • EroLink Recruitment 
  • Talent Resources
  • Genius Consultancy
  • Professional Recruiters
  • Epic Business Resources Limited

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