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What does the law say about working parents?

Current labour laws in Tanzania have no specific and clear provision for working parents. There are, however, provisions for pregnant and breastfeeding working mothers.

What does the law say about pregnant women and working hours?

The law prohibits pregnant women to work at night two months before the expected date of confinement or much earlier if the employee produces a medical certificate to confirm that she is no longer fit to perform night work. There is a very clear provision of the law requiring an employer to transfer any employee working night shift who becomes certified as unfit to do night work.

What does the law say about maternity and paternity leave?

In a leave cycle (period of 36 months) an employee is entitled to 84 days paid maternity leave if she gives birth to a single child or 100 days paid maternity leave if the employee gives birth to more than one child.

These days include rest days and public holidays. However, if due to any birth/delivery complications the female employee requires extra days she can discuss this with the employer concerned, about using sick leave days or some days from her annual leave, or getting extra unpaid leave days.

The duration of paternity leave is three days in a leave cycle which is thirty six months. The three days are the total number of days irrespective of the number of children that are born within the leave cycle.

Is a pregnant woman entitled to some hours off to attend pre- and post-natal clinics?

The law has no clear provision on time off to attend pre-natal and post-natal clinics. The practice has usually been that any pregnant or nursing mother wanting to attend clinic, or needing to seek medical treatment, has asked for some days from her sick leave days or annual leave. However, some companies have a collective bargaining agreement or workplace policy which provides for some days off for pre- and post-natal clinics.

What does the law say with regard to working hours of a nursing mother? 

A nursing mother is under the law entitled to two hours per day to feed her/breastfeed her child. The law does not say at what time of the day they should be utilised. It is therefore up to the employer and the breastfeeding employee to discuss and agree. Neither does the law provide for how long this right should proceed; it is therefore left up to the discretion of the employer and employee to agree.

Is there any provision for leave to attend to a sick child or deal with a family issue?

Yes. There is a provision for compassionate leave and this serves the purpose of an employee attending to a sick child or to the burial of a deceased child. It also gives time for an employee to attend the burial of their spouse, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling.

The number of days that an employee is entitled to for compassionate leave is four days in a thirty six month period. However, employees have been complaining that the number of days is not enough and some have been able to increase them via collective bargaining agreements.

Does the law give me time off to attend family/social gatherings?

The law does not have a specific provision for family/ social gatherings or activities of that type. However if an employee is in need of time off, say to attend a daughter’s wedding, or aunt’s burial ceremony, they can request some days off taken from their annual leave.

What are the challenges facing working parents?

There are lots of challenges facing working parents. The major issues are not getting enough time to take care of their families, to do housework, and to attend family social gatherings. Also, commuting takes a long time - with the current infrastructure it is very common for working parents to leave their home for work at 4am and arrive back at their home at 9pm. With these hours it is difficult to spend time with one’s children.

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