Jobs for Graduates

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As an employer why should I recruit new graduates?

Graduate employers are to be recommended, considering the fact that they have the enthusiasm to pursue their career aspirations. More still, new graduates are well equipped to work with modern computer technology and associated computer processes and applications.

Are there long term benefits associated with hiring a graduate or student?

If your company intends to embrace a suitable succession planning strategy, then hiring graduates is a good option. This is because they can be gradually promoted and within a period of several years, they will be in position to take up senior positions in the company. Students and graduates can be long-term assets if they are treated well in a company. Investing in graduates or students makes long-term sense, as many will choose to spend their careers with your company, provided that the company meets their expectations.

How would an employer inform the public about job opportunities in his/her organisation?

We recommend career websites such as:

What is the best way to apply for jobs in Uganda?

  • Send a resume accompanied with a well-prepared cover letter including your appropriate contact information
  • Deliver the application as guided in the job advert to the correct addresses (ie email, postal address etc)
  • Try as much to tailor your application so that it is in line with the job you are applying for.

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