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Who is an unemployed person?

This refers to a person who is available for and actively seeking work, but has not been able to find any. He or she has not worked for more than one hour within any given week.What are the types of unemployment?

There are mainly three types of unemployment:

  • Cyclical unemployment which occurs as a result of a deficiency of aggregate demand and is associated with a fall in the number of jobs. It is very much linked to the business cycle.
  • Structural unemployment which is caused technological changes which imply that the skills of some people become obsolete.
  • Frictional unemployment which is linked to workers changing jobs and is therefore short in nature.

What are some of the causes of unemployment?

  • Gender discrimination, which may result in girls struggling for jobs.
  • Limited access to education.
  • Skills mismatch. 
  • Geographical location of job seekers. 
  • Low levels of economic activity and low investment. 
  • Limited formal work experience 
  • Lack of general and job-related skills 
  • Economic decline, which may led to downsizing or reduce hiring of new workers.
  • Poor health conditions.
  • Political instability.

How can employers help to reduce unemployment?


  • Promoting education and skills development.
  • Expanding their businesses to create more job opportunities.
  • Using labour intensive technology. 
  • Giving opportunities for young graduates to do apprenticeships or internships.
  • Paying taxes regularly to the government to be utilised in job creation initiatives.
  • Supporting the development of small businesses.
  • Avoiding discrimination in the workplace.
  • Advising government on appropriate interventions that can lead to the reduction of unemployment.

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