How Decent is my Flower Farm?

FUE and Industrial Service Providers Allied Workers' Union (UHISPAWU) have started  a project in the flower farm industry in Uganda. The focus is  on wages,  compliance with labour law and the quality of collective agreements. If you take the Uganda Flower Farm survey, you will contribute to improving conditions on flower farms in Uganda.


3 February 2021 - Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda, has suspended a multimillion-dollar fund as he alleges it is being used to aid organizations in bringing down the government. The fund was created by European nations with the objective of supporting local workers in Uganda. Mueseveni alleged that he was not consulted on the fund which consists of cash reserves of approximately 100 million pounds. Find out the salaries of African politicians!


Are you happy at your current job? Do you seek more freedom in your workspace? Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself? Uganda allows any two or more people to start their private company by following a couple of registration steps. Mywage describes these steps for your easy transition into a new business. Be your own boss

Salary Check

Ever been curious about how much others earn within the same occupation as yours? Mywage indicates that arable farmers in Uganda with around five years of  experience earn 1,184,522 UGX on average. However, their salary range can be increased to as high as 3,693,377 UGX. Compare your salary to set your next salary goal

Economic Facts

  • Do you know how much the Black Panther star from Uganda earns? Actor Daniel Kaluuya, of Ugandan origin, earns 261,709,887.68 UGX monthly. This is around 2000 times the national minimum wage of 130,000 UGX. Read up more about Uganda's minimum wages
  • 700,000 people in Uganda reach working age every year. However, each year only 75,000 new jobs are created, leaving around 70% of the youth to depend on agriculture for employment. Find out more about jobs and wages in Uganda
  • Agriculture is one of the prime occupations of Uganda. Did you know it contributes to almost one-quarter of its GDP? Even though the current Covid-19 pandemic has affected all the major occupations, agriculture prices have surprisingly improved by 5% as the Ugandan economy is on the road to recovery. Cheaper credits and the overall reviving economy have made this possible. Take the work and wages survey
  • Did you know that the agriculture sector constitutes 24.2% of Uganda’s economy? The industry and services sector constitute 25.5% and 50.3% of the country’s economy respectively. Find more information on work and wages in Uganda

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