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How long will it take for me to find a job in Uganda?

Given the rate of unemployment in Uganda, it is not easy to estimate the time an individual may take while looking for a suitable job. Anyone looking for a job should concentrate full-time on this challenge up to the time he or she is hired. One should send one’s CV to a number of employers to increase the chances of getting hired.

Is there anyone who can assist me to find a job?

Creating networks is one of the most suitable tools to use during the job search process. This network may be composed of people who were your classmates at all levels of education, as well as those you may have met at public events, career fairs, national celebrations, offices, social gatherings and on social media.

What is the job market situation in Uganda, especially for youth job seekers?

According to the Youth Employment Report produced by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) in 2012, Uganda had a total youth population of approximately 6.3 million (or 20.1% of the total population) aged between 18 - 30 years in that year (UBOS, 2012).  In that study, the youth in the labour force bracket were found to be 4.4 million of which about 3.5 million (or 80%) were rural-based. The biggest proportion of this youth labour force was unemployed.

 As a job seeker, do I need to build a professional brand?

Everyone who is job-searching or building their career should consider this. It's important to create a personal brand that portrays you in a professional light and which presents employers and contacts with a strong image of you as a high-calibre personage who would be a positive addition to their organisation.

Building a professional brand is necessary in this competitive job market. Job seekers need to have a professional online presence that can easily be found by hiring managers, recruiters, and career contacts. This could mean using tools such as LinkedIn and even Facebook to present a positive, trustworthy profile.

Are there fraudsters targeting job seekers? How can I avoid them?

Yes, there are unfortunately quite a considerable number of fraudsters who will ask for your money in order to supposedly connect you to a job. A genuine employer will not ask for money in order to grant you an opportunity. Fraudsters often pose as senior staff members of a company.

The best way to avoid fraudsters is to be alert about anyone who asks for money in exchange for a job offer. If you have an opportunity to report the person to the police, then do so.

Are there agencies that can help me find a job in Uganda?

Using staffing or employment agencies often works best for people with resumes showing solid work experience in standard job titles such as administrative assistant, accountant, brand manager or controller, although the firms can work for anyone with a good CV. Senior managers and other executive position holders generally make use of staffing or employment firms.

Online agencies such as or advertise jobs and let you know where to send your CV.

What are the most important aspects when looking for a job?

  • Take time to visit career sites and job boards
  • Put energy into networking in general  - let people know you are out there, and that you would be an asset to work with
  • Send out your CV – spread a wide net
  • Make sure your CV is up to date and relevant to the positions being offered

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