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Are there specific jobs for graduates in Uganda?

There are jobs for graduates in Uganda, although there exists a mismatch between the available jobs and the numbers of graduates. Currently, the number of graduates is higher than the available job opportunities. However, many organisations still offer jobs for graduates in Uganda.

How long does it take for a graduate to get a job in Uganda?

It is quite hard to get a job immediately after graduation. Most available opportunities are in non-government organisations where graduates can gain experience through voluntary work.

Many employers in Uganda require experience of more than one year. This means that graduates find it quite challenging to gain such experience when they have just completed their studies.

How can one find a job?

Graduates and other job seekers can find job opportunities in national newspapers and in industry-specific publications. There are also websites which advertise and give information about job opportunities in Uganda.

They include the following:

  • Obtain a Monday New Vision newspaper to see available job opportunities
  • Also buy a Friday Daily Monitor newspaper for the same purpose
  • Visit job sites like,, and similar sites where job openings will be listed. Use Google search to find job sites
  • Upload your CV to trusted job sites

How does one apply for jobs in Uganda?

  • Send a resume accompanied with a well-prepared cover letter including your appropriate contact information
  • Deliver the application as guided in the job advert to the correct addresses (ie email, postal address etc)
  • Try as much to tailor your application so that it is in line with the job you are applying for.

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