Maternity and Work

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Maternity Leave

Female employees are entitled to 60 working days (eight and a half weeks) of fully paid maternity leave. The compulsory leave is four weeks after child birth or miscarriage. The worker must give a written notice of at least 7 day (or even shorter period under certain circumstances) prior to proceeding on maternity leave on a specific date and to return to work thereafter. Worker may also have to provide a certificate of her medical condition from a qualified medical practitioner or midwife, if required by the employer.

Maternity leave may be extended in case of sickness arising out of pregnancy or confinement, affecting either the mother or the baby, and making the mother's return to work inadvisable, the right to return is available to the worker within eight weeks after the date of childbirth or miscarriage (thus adding 4 more weeks of maternity leave).

Source: §56 of the Employment Act 2006


The maternity leave is granted with full pay. It includes at least four weeks after childbirth or miscarriage andmay be extended by 20 working days under special circumstances. The pay during leave period is financed by the employer.

Source: § 56 of the Employment Act 2006; ISSA Country Profile Uganda, 2017

Free Medical Care

There is no mention in the above act about the free medical care that has to be provided by the employer.

Regulations on Maternity and Work

  • Employment Regulations 2011

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