3 February 2021 - With a heavy loss of jobs in December 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, private payrolls in the United States of America have risen. As per the ADP National Employment Report, private payrolls have risen by 174 000 in January after having decreased by 78 000 jobs in December. The rise in private payroll implies that the job market has rebounded from the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, say reports. Take the survey on Living and Working in The United States during Coronavirus

Minimum Wages News

  • Curious about minimum wages in Georgia? Non-tipped workers covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act must get at least USD 7.25 for an hour’s work. For other non-tipped workers, the minimum wage is USD 5.15 per hour. Tipped workers must make do with a lower sum of USD 2.13 an hour but they can get tips as extra cash. Read more about minimum wages in Georgia
  • Did you know that the minimum wage for American workers has risen? In the District of Columbia, workers are receiving a minimum wage of $15 per hour, a marked rise from the previous figure of $8 per hour. The new rates came into effect in July 2020. Learn more about the increase in the minimum wage in the USA
  • Curious about the minimum wage in Texas? It’s 7.25 USD for all workers who are not tipped and 2.13 USD for tipped workers. Learn more about minimum wages in Texas 

Pay During Bad Weather

Worried that you will not be paid due to poor weather conditions? Paywizard reports that if an employer earns a salary but is exempted from overtime pay and the workplace shuts down due to bad weather, the employer is entitled to normal pay if he/she has worked during that week. Learn more about Pay During Bad Weather 

Coronavirus crisis: What are your rights regarding sick leave, health and safety, and social security?

The Coronavirus crisis poses challenges for both employers and employees. Check carefully what your rights are, so that you can fall back on them if necessary.

Economic Facts

  • Did you know that basketball player Stephen Curry’s salary is 40 million USD per year? In comparison, the highest paid woman basketball player, DeWanna Bonner, earns 215000 USD, which amounts to 18.6 times less than Stephen Curry’s annual salary! Learn more about Gender Pay Gap in the United States of America
  • Did you know that Lebron James (Basketball Player for the Los Angeles Lakers) earns close to 39.2 million USD per year? Compared to this figure, a domestic cleaner in his hometown, Akron, Ohio, earns an average of 1782 USD per month!  Use the Salary Calculator to compare the wages you earn with those of others in the same job. 
  • Did you know that in the United States, wage differences emerge mainly due to education, occupation or profession and the sector combined? Nowadays, women are on par in terms of education when compared to men, which was not the case ten years ago. However, research says that in 2020, women make only USD 0.81 for every dollar a man makes. Learn more about the Gender Pay Gap
  • America is the most powerful country in the world. However, there is literally a cost to America’s military might. Based on 2019 figures, The US spends much more on its military than the combined expenditure of China, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Russia, the UK and France. While these countries spent $578 (together) on the military, the US spent $610 billion. What about Cost of Living in the USA?
  • One of the major events that changed how industries and factories around the world operated, started in the United States. Henry Ford, of Ford Motors, was an American who is acclaimed as the creator of the assembly line. This idea streamlined the entire production process and increased efficiencies. Check the cost of living in the United States 
  • Estimates suggest that the United States sells more than 3 billion pizzas a year and that each American consumes a minimum of at least one pizza in thirty days. This pizza frenzy sustains more than 70,000 pizzerias across the country! What are salaries in the pizza sector?
  •  A defining feature of  the United States’ vast geographical landscape, is the different and oftentimes harsh kinds of weather and climatic conditions. Due to severe blizzards, torrential hurricanes, and sweltering heat waves, the estimated cost of the 14 disasters in 2019 alone was close to 1 billion USD each. These natural disasters also affect working conditions and safety, which pushes the government to have stringent measures to address their effects. So how is pay affected by bad weather? Click to find out!
  • The United States has the world’s largest economy but the state of California alone has a GDP of $2.998 trillion which is higher than a few of the biggest countries such as India, France, etc. Minimum Wages in the USA
  • More than 33% of the population in the United States doesn't get adequate rest. This costs the country 411 billion USD through the deficiency of 1.2 million workdays every year. Take our survey on living and working in the United States during Coronavirus
  • The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted small businesses across various industry sectors in the United States of America. A decline of 19.1% was observed in the revenue growth in small businesses across all industries. Take our survey on living and working in the United States during coronavirus  
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