Ask US How can I maximize my earning potential - I have bachelor's degrees?

How can I maximize my earning potential, I have a double bachelor's degree. Find out on US

Question: Im having a very hard time using most of the career search engines. I'll try to explain why, but first I'll tell you a little about myself.

I have a double major bachelors degree in Business MGMT and Applied Psychology (3.4 GPA) and EMT-B. I've been out of college for 3 years.

Most recently I've managed the department of an outside guest services, a group of 30 people. It involved customer service, shuttles, ticket checkers and snow removal. Before that, I worked at a company where I was involved in taking groups of 20 people on 4 day trips. We went rafting, rappelling, dirt biking and such. For a year I worked sales/customer service/ business development for an online retail company. I tried selling insurances but can't stand phone soliciting for days worrying if I'm going to make any commissions. I also found it boring. Even so it only took me 2-3 months to study and get every license - I needed including a securities license.

Everyone points me to sales but I'm too honest to push anything that I don't really believe in. I am interested in almost everything though. I'd like to help people in some way. I love to learn and experience new things and often get bored once I've figured a job out. I also find people very interesting. I read at least 3 sources of news every day because I love to analyze it through the lens of my Psych and Mgmt degree.

I've always wanted to eventually run my own business but I have no start up money. (Only about $1100 in checking now) The most I've ever made was $11.50 an hour. I'm embarrassed about how much my parents still help me out.

OK, so at this point I'm willing to work almost any job if I feel that It will help me to move forward and start saving or at least help me to stand on my own two feet. I'm looking for a pathway that would get me to a 30-40k a year job within a couple years at least. I feel I'm worth a lot more than that though. I'm not looking to see how much I can make in a particular field, but for a suggestion where a person with my background could maximize his earning potential. I would go almost anywhere. Should I go back to school? What can I expect to get with my degree?


Answer Paywizard:

You may feel despair and embarrassment because of your career path and income; however I think you'll be pleased to know that your situation is far from hopeless. Although it's not the best time for a job search, with two bachelor's degrees and practical certificates, you are in a much better position to do so than a sizeable portion of the American workforce.

With your education and easy learning skills you should be able to make more than the $11 per hour you earn now. Review the salaries on Paywizard's Salary Calculator. Depending on the State you live in, working as an EMT-B  wouldn't give you a lot more salary than make now. With a Bachelor degree in Business MGMT you could make a lot more than that and not necessarily in a sales position.

Question is: how to find this better paid job?
The first thing that you should do is to assess your abilities and determine your interests.

What jobs are best suited to your education level. You may do this by reviewing jobs in The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook and then searching for jobs on or a job search engine such as JuJu.

List the job experiences that you have had and what skills you gained from them; than list the kind of things in which you naturally tend to excel and enjoy. Again, the BLS Handbook can serve as a helpful source to help you consider working conditions, major job duties, and salary for each occupation.

Now, use your listings to create the best possible resume you can, and begin looking for that new job!

Please take a look at the Paywizard's Career Tips. You can find advice for making the best Cover Letter, Resume, and recession-proof jobs, as well how to make the best first impression possible, negotiating effectively and preparing yourself well for being an asset in your new organization. 

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