Job Search Tips in Times of Recession

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Job Search Tips in Times of Recession

Here you find a weekly updated PayWizard article selection, packed with Tips that will help you find your next Recession Proof job. Click on the title links to read the full articles.

  • 10 Secrets for searching for a job during a recession
    ( 04/02/2008)
    Summary: Focusing your efforts on jobs in growing industries and demonstrating how your work has generated revenue are just two simple ways to distinguish yourself from the rest of the job seekers competing for positions in a down economy. More tips in the article: Don't use a standard resume - focus on growth industries and specializations like IT, Health care etc. - consider different business environments such as start ups or nonprofits - compete effectively with consultants - focus on revenue - use your resume as a marketing tool - be flexible to move.
  • Recession-Proof Careers
    Summary: Talk of a recession and creeping unemployment rates are enough to make you wonder where to find stability in unstable times? According to Kiplinger you will find a save haven in these sectors: Health care - Education - Security - Environmental sciences - Government.
  • Hot Jobs in IT for 2008
    ( 03/10/08)
    Summary: According to the Robert Half Technology 2008 Salary Guide, average starting salaries for the IT industry will rise 5.3 percent in 2008. Positions facing talent shortages will see even larger gains. The article covers job descriptions and salaries. They include: lead applications developer - data modeler - IT auditor - help desk personnel.
  • Want a better job or higher salary? Live here
    ( 03/03/08)
    Summary: Manhattan, Hollywood and Silicion Valley may boost some of the richest residents in the country, but these hugely competitive places don't necessarily boast the best job prospects for the average American. Click on the next link to learn more about the best places for a job at
  • Learn a language, get a raise
    ( 02/28/08)
    Summary: Some foreign language skills are worth more than others in the workplace. Researchers found out that Spanish is the least valuable, followed by French. Knowledge of German, Italian, Russian and Chinese might be your ticket to your next job.
  • Looking for a career? New study shows demand for doctors (podiatrists) over the next six years
    ( 02/07/08)
    Summary: For young Americans looking for job security in a lagging economy, entering the field of podiatric medicine may be a step in the right direction. A recent workforce study indicates that the nation's eight colleges of podiatric medicine - specialized in disorders, diseases and treatment of the foot, ankle and lower extremities - would have to triple their graduates between now and 2014 in order to meet growing population demands.
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