Yoga at the Office

US - Find out more about yoga at work.

It is no surprise that sitting at a desk all day is not good for your health. It is easy to get absorbed in computer work, without the breaks you should take, finishing the day with sore eyes and stiff shoulders. 

You can start to de-stress yourself at work already with some office yoga exercises in the links below - all poses that won't freak out your coworkers, they can continue their call uninterrupted and you get a midday feel good stretch that will leave you relaxed and energized. The exercises won't take a lot of time - about ten minutes - and you can split them up over the day if that is more convenient. Don't forget to remove tight, uncomfortable shoes and loosen your tie and belt, before you start.

After you have done your office yoga a couple of times, you might want to take yoga lessons, instead of fitness classes to lower your blood pressure, body mass index and stress levels. It is important to learn and practise yoga postures under the supervision of a trained teacher. So, where to go? Here some more tips:

USA Yoga is non profit organization that promotes yoga as a sport - you can become a member online and find out where classes are in your neighbourhood.

And there are many more sites to find a teacher for the area you live in, like this one: yogafinder.

Get healthy, happy yoga!

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