FAQ - Decent Work Survey and Company Info

FAQ - Decent Work Survey and Company Info

What is a Decent Work  Survey?

A Decent Work Survey helps workers to check whether their wages and working conditions are in accordance with applicable labor regulations. Employers or HRD may use it to check whether they comply with applicable labor rules. This Decent Work Survey incorporates relevant clauses of the Manpower Act and other relevant Government and/or Ministerial Regulations. These rules are the legal basis for the assessment of the data resulting from the filled in and submitted Decent Work Surveys.


How is a Decent Work Survey carried out? 

The Decent Work Survey can be carried out in two ways, namely:

Offline / face-to-face through an app or in print; this is usually done in partnership with trade unions / labor unions, who assist in collecting information on working conditions in a particular factory directly from workers by selecting and approaching factory workers to be asked as survey respondents; to achieve this the trade union partners select and propose to WageIndicator candidates who are willing to be trained as interviewers of factory workers and HR-staff / managers using the Decent Work Survey.

  1. Online - through the salary site; visitors of the WageIndicator site who are workers can fill out the Decent Work Survey and see the results immediately after they have completed it; social media such as Facebook are also used to target workers and invite them to participate in filling out an online Decent Work Survey on WageIndicator.

Information about working conditions provided directly by the employee will be reported anonymously to the employer / company and will be displayed on the Factory Info page on the national WageIndicator website, created especially for each participating factory, but ALL PERSONAL DATA WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.


Does the Decent Work Survey apply to all business sectors?

In principle Decent Work Surveys can be applied in all business sectors in all countries. A specific Decent Work Survey however, is always adapted to a particular sector. To date for example, a Decent Work Survey has been operational in the garment, textile and footwear sectors in Indonesia.


Who are actively approached to fill out the Decent Work Survey?

Offline / face-to-face respondents are actively approached by the local WageIndicator team / interviewers on the factory level. This is done - as a rule - in close cooperation with the local representatives of the sectoral trade union. Per factory which is targeted at least 50 workers / respondents will be interviewed. Through sampling they will be largely representative of all workers in the factory.


What is a survey sample?

A survey sample is composed based on the proportional division of sex (female workers / male workers) and work status (permanent workers / contract workers). A complete factory sample numbers at least  50 workers / respondents of a particular factory. See also ….. (link to animation)


Who carries out a Decent Work Survey?

A national WageIndicator team selects and trains a group of approx. 10 interviewers; usually candidates are selected / proposed by partnering trade unions / labor unions in a sector / region where a Decent Work Survey is meant to be carried out.


What are the qualifications of a WageIndicator interviewer who conducts a survey?

Age 20-40;

Education: high school / vocational education;

Can use laptops and supporting software (Microsoft Office);

Good communication and negotiation skills;

High integrity, honesty and ready to work according to plan;

Willing to work FULL TIME, with flexible working time;

Have good managerial and leadership skills;

Preferably living in the survey area;

Willing to work with high mobility and travel outside the region ( a private vehicle is very convenient).


Is there a link between the WageIndicator interviewer and the trade union movement?

Candidates for the position of interviewer are preferable recommended by trade unions / labor union. If possible by a trade union partnering in the Decent Work program. If this is not possible, interviewers can be selected from outside the stakeholder group but should atleast have work experience within the trade union / labor union or the surveyed sector. Candidates should have a high interest in the field of labor and understand the basics or principles of Labor Law. 

The individual can be a manager / member of the Workers' Union / Labor Union at various levels, but it is preferred that recommended individuals can work fulltime during the period of field work.


How does WageIndIcator recruit candidates for interviewer?

Recruitment of candidates is directed by WageIndicator in close coordination with the relevant (sectoral, regional) trade union. If the interviewer does not deliver,  the partnering trade union is expected to assist in recruiting new candidates for replacement.


How does WageIndicator find /select the respondents in a factory? 

Using the factory list compiled by WageIndicator the interviewer can find out the population or the number of workers of a particular factory, including the number of female workers and the number of workers with permanent status, together with the partnering trade union on the local level using a simple factory survey. From these categories the interviewer can compose the factory sample.


How long does the interview with a respondent take?

The interview normally takes 20 minutes. By responding, workers find out immediately how their working conditions correspond with their legal rights as laid down in the applicable labor regulations. Participation in the Decent Work Survey is voluntary and anonymous, so no names or contacts will be disseminated / published.


The offline Decent Work Survey process step by step

The WageIndicator team and in its partnering trade unions / labor unions compile a list of factories in the sector / industry targeted. From this list a selection is made of the factories to be surveyed. Individual workers, trade unions / labor unions at the company level who want the WageIndicator team to come to the company / factory to carry out an offline / face-to-face Decent Work Survey should feel free to contact the team at: office@wageindicator.org

An interviewer from the WageIndicator team will contact the trade union / labor union at the company level and the company management (or HRD)

The trade union / labor union at the company level will choose workers to be interviewed face- to-face in accordance with the sample composed by WageIndicator

The interviewer will guide the process of filling out the Decent Work Survey, and input  completed Surveys into the WageIndicator system using a special app for uploading to the system

After processing by the international WageIndicator team the survey results will be reported anonymously to the trade union / labor union at the company level and to the company management, before being displayed on the Factory Info page of the national WageIndicator website

If there is a clarification or explanation of the results of the Decent Work Survey from the company management, these will also be displayed at the Factory Info page of the national WageIndicator website

The Decent Work Survey results are displayed on the Factory Info page of the national WageIndicator website. So web visitors can find out the working conditions and compare the level of compliance of each factory surveyed

The results of the survey can be used as basic information to trigger a social dialogue; a company-level trade union / labor union might develop evidence-based arguments when it comes to dialogue with the company management

Results of dialogue decisions can lead to corrective actions taken by companies such as the adoption of a Collective Labor Agreement (CLA), improved or additional clauses in a CLA as well as job training, whereas all actions to improve working conditions will also be documented on the national WageIndicator website


The online (Do It Yourself) Decent Work Survey step by step

All visitors of the national WageIndicator website can click on the Decent Work Survey which is on display and fill it out, regardless of the work they do. 

So every visitor can find out for themselves if the working conditions of workers in the sector surveyed are in accordance with the rules of employment. The Survey allows online respondents to skip the name of the factory. However visitors who fill in the Decent Work Survey and do work in the sector targeted by the Survey are advised / requested to fill in the name of the factory.

There are at least 74 questions related to working conditions. As a rule the questions are closed questions (YES /  NO). Respondents must fill in all questions and cannot proceed to the next section if there are questions unanswered.

At the end of the survey, visitors will see the status of 48 employment aspects covered; the sign (✔) means that the company / factory has complied with the applicable labor rules, if the visitor sees the sign (X), the company / factory has not applied that particular rule required by the law. 

WageIndicator will only display the data of a factory surveyed on the Factory Info page if the survey reached at least 30 respondents.

Respondents may invite their colleagues to fill in a Decent Work Survey if they want to reach the minimum of 30 valid Surveys submitted, in order to get their factory data to be displayed on the Factory Info page

If a web visitor works in the sector surveyed and wants his/her company to be surveyed face-to-face by WageIndicator, please contact the team at: office@wageindicator.org