Models of Notification Letters

Models letters

Example Letter to HR to do socialization and Decent Work Check survey

Examples of conversation sentences between interviewer and HRD related:
Via e-mail-sample mail
No: [outgoing mail number]
Subject: Application for Permit to Conduct Information and Work Feasibility Survey
Appendix: Terms of Reference for Decent Work Check program (Terms of Reference)

Dear :
Mr / Mrs HRD Manager
[Company name]
Introduce us from me [interviewer's name] from national WageIndicator (National site of the Dutch non-profit organization, which provides public information related to salaries, consultations and employment issues in [country name]. Currently national WageIndicator is running a project related to the Transparency of Compliance of  Manufacturers in [country name]. You can get more complete information on our website:
In connection with our cooperation plan with [Name of Trade Unions] in the Decent WorkCheck project / initiative carried out by national website WageIndicator, we would like to request the cooperation from you in the implementation of the Decent Work Check program in [name sectir] , in area [name]. The purpose of this Decent Work Check program is to realize transparency and compliance with the law in [sector] and [ country], improve welfare and fulfill workers' rights. For more information, together with this letter, we attach the Terms of Reference for the Decent Work Check program.
Please kindly welcome to receive a visit from the interviewer team [Name of Trade Unions] and national WageIndicator website to conduct a socialization of the Decent Work Check program and an explanation of the implementation of the Decent Work survey, which will be conducted on;
Day / Date: adjusted to the willingness of parties
Time: according to the willingness of the party [Company Name]
Place: [Company Name]

Regarding the implementation of the Deecent Work Check survey, we have previously been connected with [the name of the relevant Trade Union (name of xxxxxxx]. The implementation details are as follows:
Program name: Decent Work Check
Organizer: national WageIndicator website [under license from WageIndicator Foundation, Netherlands]
Date / Time: [outside working hours / after the worker finishes working]
Place: [in trade union office Secretariat office, or outside the factory]
Number of respondents: minimum 50 respondents

We hope, that the factory / company that you lead can fully support the implementation of this Decent Work survey. If there are things that are unclear, I am very happy to be able to meet directly with the distinguished leadership. For further information and confirmation, you can contact [name of interviewer and contact number] or by email: xxxx @ xxxx

Answer / reply email from you, we look forward to it very much. thanks.
[Place and date]
[Interviewer's identity]


Example follow up phone call / text to HR
Via Whatsapp or telephone
A (interviewer): Good [morning, afternoon, evening, or night], ladies / gentlemen [state name if you already know]. I [name and organization / from national WageIndicator website]. I am the one who sent a letter via e-mail to the ladies and gentlemen related to your Decent Work survey. My e-mail sent the date [xxx] and at [xxx]. I mean this WA to follow up on that.
B (HRD related): I haven't had the chance to check it yet. What is it?
A: [Explain as in the email that has been sent]
B: Okay, I see ...
A: Yes, ladies and gentlemen. For a more detailed explanation, can we meet in person? If yes, when can I meet with you at the office?
B: Ok, date [xxx], o'clock [xxx] yes.
A: Alright then. Ready. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. See you at the appointed time.
* One day before the meeting day, it is better to remind the appointment again. Reconfirm.
* Remember before speaking via Whatsapp or telephone it is better to write / determine what the talk points are.


Coordination with branch level and / or factory level at the TU socialization event

Communication Procedures During Pre-Socialization [coordinate with xxx]

Examples of communication via text (Whatsapp or SMS)
A (interviewer): Good morning [time-adjusted], [name of DPC]. Introduce my name [full name / interviewer's nickname]. I am an interviewer from national WageIndicator). I got your number from [state the name of the DPP].
B (DPC): Yes, what's up?
A: So here you are, ladies and gentlemen. Your salary will carry out a Decent Work survey in a [sector] garment factory located within the DPC area of ​​the ladies / gentlemen. In connection with this, we intend to conduct socialization.
This socialization aims to introduce the program and the workings of the Decent Work survey in more detail. For that, we ask for help from the ladies and gentlemen to become local committees in organizing socialization activities.
B: What is your salary?
A: [Briefly, but clearly explain, your Decent Work survey].
B: What do you mean by the local committee? What are the duties of the local committee?
A: The local committee will assist me in gathering the garment factory xxxxxxxx representatives included in this survey. The factories are [mention the factories for which you are assigned]. You can help me to invite the xxxxxx factories to attend the Decent Work survey.
In addition, the ladies and gentlemen also helped determine the strategic location of the socialization, sent the required Budget Plan , spread out the invitation for the socialization and followed up on the attendance of the xxxxxxx representatives who were present. In summary, assisted the salary team in preparing for the survey outreach activity.
Well, usually from the national WageIndicator Team will provide transport and honorariums for the help of the father / mother as a local committee
B: When will the socialization plan be carried out?
A: [specify date]. But, so far, can you be our local committee?
B: Yes you can.
A: Okay, I will contact the ladies / gentlemen immediately for further coordination. thanks.

More or less an introduction to DPC conversation will be like the example above. Also note the following:
* if the answer cannot / is not willing to be a local committee. You can ask for help to be contacted by other DPC members.
* Your salary will tell you the nominal costs for the socialization and nominal fees for the DPC that is the local committee
* For via telephone, the conversation sentences are more or less the same as the example, it is expected that after the telephone call, the interviewer can summarize the conversation and send a summary text of the conversation on whatsapp
* It is highly recommended in advance for you to make the conversation points that you want to convey / talk about.
* This conversation sentence as an example. It's good, you can adjust it to the circumstances and needs.