WageIndicator News - 2009

WageIndicator Gazette 23 - December 2009

- Media alliances in Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Southern Africa
- Decent Work Checks in 14 countries, Salary Checks in 25
- Gender pay gap wide as everHow representative are Wage Indicator data?
- Decisions for Life-project extends over all of Southern Africa
- Cooperation with trade union movement intensifies
- Wage Indicator team sponsors Lucky Stars in Gugulethu

WageIndicator Gazette 22 - September 2009

- Improving the web-survey methodology for social and cultural research
- Project: Decisions for Life aimed at young female workers well under way
- Decent Work Check available in 10 countries, more to come
- Independent media partner in Belarus for
- Partner Check for young working women
- MSN and Tusalario reinforce each other
- WageIndicator launches in Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Indonesia

WageIndicator Gazette 21 - April 2009

- Euroccupations to standardize 1500 occupations across borders
- WageIndicator launch in the Czech Republic
- Purchase Power Parities for cross country comparison in Latin America
- No progress in reducing gender pay gap
- Earnings of German bank clerks just before the crisis
- Elderly workers in the Netherlands feel wanted 

WageIndicator Gazette 20 - January 2009

- 2009 sees effective increase to 45 countries
- Decent Work Report: unpaid overtime and physical stress rule
- Multinational enterprises in EU pay larger premiums than local firms
- In the applied sciences Dutchmen are better off
- Christmas bonus still popular
- AbangAfrica and Go In Africa offer trips for winners



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