In most countries ‘gender gap’ stays on agenda – Web Poll - 15 Sept. 2009

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Is fighting against the ‘gender gap’in salaries still important, we asked visitors of WageIndicator sites in fifteen countries and regions in our previous web poll. Despite a global financial crisis a clear majority of 2,875 the 3,746 people who voted still feels the issue of the ‘gender gap’should not to backstage for the time being.

That is an average of 78% who said that this important issue for women’s right should stay on the agenda. On average of 18% said they found this issue was no longer important, while the rest not even cared. But the differences varied greatly per country. India and Belarus the voters in favour of fighting the ‘gender pay’dropped under the 50 percent mark, while also the US (58%), the UK (60%) and the Ukraine

(58) fell way under the global average of 78%. Latin American countries on the contrary felt rather strong about the issue.

The web poll is taken up by more partners each time and for the upcoming poll on who is paying for your education, Brazil is also joining our global force. In that poll, now available at the WageIndicator website or in your own country, we ask who has recently been paying for your education, your employer, your government, your parents or yourself.

Earlier we asked our visitors what was causing the difference in pay between men and women.  


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