India: A yawning gap between working men and women’s wages - 30 Nov. 2009

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Paycheck, the WageIndicator in India, had a thorough look at the WEF report on the gender gap, and discovered their country was doing really bad:

The recent survey findings by the World Economic Forum (WEF) put the spotlight on India, ranking it among the bottom 10 countries in the world in terms of women’s participation in the economy. The WEF report reveals a shocking disparity between the wage structure of men and women in corporate India. The average annual income of a woman in India is US$ 1,185, compared to US$ 3,698 for the men employed in the India’s corporate sector.

Update: Women in India will have on December 4 a march for maternity leave and equal pay, reports the Economic Times.

More on the situation in India here 

An article on the situation in Poland here.



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