Advertising teams up with leading media partner - Minsk, August 11, 2009

The Belarus WageIndicator has started this week a cooperation with the leading media partner The partnership started with an article celebrating the first 1,200 surveys Mojazarplata was able to collect in the first few months of its launch. (Here is the story in Russian, here in a translation). The faster a WageIndicator site gets surveys in, the faster it can offer a salary check to their audience.


«Given that the project was launched in June, which form a bulk, and the Internet for the majority of Belarusians are not high, it is very good, - said Taisa Bondarenko, manager-consultant for Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. - This is the fact that Belarus is important to know how much they are worth in the labor market and whether their pay is fair »

Taisa Bondarenko is enthousiastic about the cooperation with her new media partner. "The Belarus news Internet newspaper is a project of BELAPAN news agency, the only independent news agency in Belarus," Bondarenko reports from Minsk. "They are in TOP 10 Belarusian popular sites having 15-20 000 visitors daily."


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