WageIndicator Gazette 27 - November 2011

- Wage Indicator Extension in Central America, Africa and the Middle East
- New Salary Checks Combined with Mini-survey
- Wage Indicator Sites Reshuffled
- Wage Indicator Mobile
- Huge Demand for Minimum Wages Information
- Recent Research Trends
- Shop Assistant Salaries in Big Mac terms
- Pay pulls Medics from East to West
- Trends due to the Economic Crisis 2009-2010: a German-Dutch Comparison
- Over and Under qualification of Migrant Workers


WageIndicator Gazette 26 - March 2011

- Working women face longer days for lower pay
- Educated women less smart when it comes to pay
- Gender wage gap widens with age
- Pakistan joins Wage Indicator
- Wage Indicator now also on mobile devices
- Minimum Wage media campaigns in southern Africa

WageIndicator News - 2011


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