Best Collective Agreements on working week, annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and probabtion period - 10 November, 2014

The most favourable working week-clause recently concluded is from Brazil, with 36 hours. This is one the most outstanding results from a global comparison between 306  Collective Agreements. The comparison was conducted on the WageIndicator  Collective Agreement database in November 2014. 

  • Other above average results relate to annual leave, found in 12 collective agreements from Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • Sick leave clauses of above average quality in their respective countries were recently concluded in 9 collective agreements.
  • Whereas maternity leave only is the rule in most collective agreements, exceptionally combined maternity and paternity leave arrangements are found in 2 instances, one in Tanzania the other in Uganda.
  • Exemplary probation period clauses are found in 5 cases, of which 4 in Africa.

Here, these working conditions are presented in some greater detail and linked to the actual clauses (full text) in the WageIndicator Collective Agreement  database. 

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