Call for papers for FLAME University's 2nd International Conference - October 9, 2018

Oct 10, 2018 - FLAME University calls upon researchers to send in unpublished research papers for its 2nd International Conference, taking place on March 1 and 2, 2019. The papers should be related to the conference theme ‘An Uncertain World: Growth, Development and Sustainability’. The conference is organised together with The Indian Econometric Society and the WageIndicator Foundation.

The conference aims to bring together not only academicians, but also practitioners and policy makers from the fields of trade, economic growth, development and sustainability, health and education and many more. According to FLAME University, based in the Indian city of Pune, “the world is living in ‘strange and uncertain times’ more than before”. This uncertainty challenges everyone to settle or reposition themselves into a new position. By discussing and debating these challenges in the various fields, the conference hopes to formulate strategies to address them.

Sending in your research paper

Every research paper within the domains mentioned before, along with sub-themes such as labour, employment and gender, can be sent in. The whole range of sub-themes can be found in the accompanying brochure. The conference theme ‘An Uncertain World: Growth, Development and Sustainability’ should have a central role in the papers.

All contributors must hand in an abstract, up to 500 words, by December 30, 2018. The full-length research paper is expected by January 15, 2019 and should not exceed 5,000 words. Any correspondence and all the submissions can be sent to More details can be found in the aforementioned brochure or through the FLAME University website.

About FLAME University and its partner institutions

FLAME University offers an platform of inter-disciplinary education along with a liberal education ethos. This should empower students to think about leadership roles, take risks and focus on discovering one’s passions. The Indian Econometric Society (TIES) is one of the oldest and largest body of professional econometricians and quantitative economists with more than 2000 members from all over India and abroad. The WageIndicator Foundation, founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, contributes to a more transparent labour market for workers and employers. It does so by collecting, comparing and shareing labour market information through surveys and desk research. WageIndicator is active in India since 2006 with


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