Highlights of WageIndicator Living and Working in Coronavirus Times Survey: Corona-free countries pay a heavy economic price regardless - May 10, 2020

Corona-free countries pay a heavy economic price regardless

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Corona-free countries do not escape the economic anxiety caused by the global lockdown.Take Madagascar, Mozambique, Vietnam. Zero death reported. But in Madagascar 30% reported they lost their job; in Mozambique 10%; in Vietnam 5 %. Whereas in countries like Italy, Spain, Uk and USA (between 26,000 and 67,000 reported deaths) the reported job loss is similar, with 4% for Italy, 5 % for the UK, 11 % for the US and 25% for Spain.

In conclusion, there is no direct correlation between levels of corona-deaths and reported corona-induced job loss in a country. The global lockdown was initiated to protect the infected, more developed parts of the world, first and fast. Several months into the pandemic it now becomes clear that the less developed and least infected countries are paying a heavy
economic price just the same.

Quote of the day, translator, female, 34, Venezuela

These are times of change and evolution, I try not to see so many news because it generates anxiety; the situation in the country is complicated because every day the product prices increase due to the lack of gasoline and the rising dollar, so every time I go to buy food, the less I can buy, there are many people who starve, more than coronavirus victims. Services such as water and electricity are precarious, we try to take care of ourselves so as not to get sick since the health system does not have the supplies to attend to them. Private clinics charge at least $ 40 and I receive $ 10 per month.

What will the new work/life ‘normal’ situation look like?

The WageIndicator Living and Working in Coronavirus Times shows the impact people from across the globe expect the corona crisis will have on their working life. Specific issues like countries, continents, occupations, happiness, fear, small houses or having a dog are highlighted on these pages.

Its global outreach allows WageIndicator to present findings for many countries. Daily updated national survey results may be consulted here:

Moreover WageIndicator tracks which are the national (legal) emergency measures:

It is the intention to continue the survey for a long time, well into the aftermath of the present crisis. What will the new work/life ‘normal’ situation look like?

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Report in PDF File


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