WageIndicator has established its first Data Academy, with both online and offline components – January 25, 2020

WageIndicator has established its first Data Academy, with both online and offline components. The curriculum is aimed at training how to use data for constructive social change.  As Jonathan Williams from the Harvard Business School Online Course Delivery Scheme has said: “Data is reshaping how problems are defined and how solutions are developed to address pressing social issues. With the evolution of data-collecting technologies and the ability to apply analytic methods in new areas, unique insights are advancing the common good through data.”

The WageIndicator Data Academy was started in January 2020 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its preliminary focus is a course aimed at the Decent Work program in relation to garment workers in Indonesia.  It is available in both English and Bahasa. It is designed to train those who complete the course to work as data collectors, data managers, interviewers and negotiators at factory level in Indonesia.  Those who complete the course will:

  1. Fully understand the objectives and substance of the Decent Work program.
  2. Be familiar with the methodology used in the Decent Work program and be able to use the Company and Decent Work Check survey, as an instrument for data collection.
  3. Master the skills, techniques, and procedures needed to effectively conduct face-to-face interviews and collect data, in order to produce quality information for further research.
  4. Be equipped with an understanding of gender awareness and be able to formulate and develop strategies and policies that are friendly to the needs of women workers.
  5. Report, and monitor the progress of data-based social dialogues conducted around the surveyed factories.

The course consists of eight modules that feature reading materials, video footage and exams. While the course modules and training material are available on the WageIndicator Data Academy website, the exams will be conducted via Moodle on the IFWEA OLA platform for privacy reasons.

Data Academy Image 2

Data Academy Image 1

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