International WageIndicator launch



Institute of Advanced Labour studies/AIAS
Plantage Muidergracht 4
Amsterdam, tel +31 (20) 525 4199


Festive launch 14.00 – 17.15

Word of welcome
14.00 - your host in Amsterdam, Wiemer Salverda, managing director University of Amsterdam/AIAS, chairperson Wage Indicator Foundation

Key note address
14.10 - Peter van Loo, director department of labour relations and international affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs, sponsor of the festive launch (The Netherlands from July 1rst chair the EU)


Part 1 - Online research: what makes it different? And what difference does it make? Will it help the research community to make wages worldwide more transparent?

14.20 – Introduction and debate
- Prof. Kea Tijdens, University of Amsterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam, research coordinator Presentation.
- Prof. Richard Freeman, NBER/Harvard, LSE. Presentation.


Part 2 - Trade unions: in a particular country, in Europe, worldwide - are they waiting for this tool? Why should they adopt it? 

15.00 – Debate
- Agnes Jongerius, vice president FNV, Dutch Confederation of Trade Unions, member of the board of Wage Indicator Foundation
- Andrew Watt, senior researcher European Trade Union Institute
- Gerhard Rohde, Head of Dep. professional & managerial of Union-Network. UNI, 15 million members in 900 unions. 

15.30 - Break

Part 3 - Media: in cyberspace, on the air, on the ground, in print, online, specialized and not. Why should they be involved? How can they get involved?

16.00 – Debate
- Michal Pryslopski,Gazeta Wyborcza/, the largest daily in Poland, started research on wages years ago
- Eric Lee, initiator, the world’s standard online newswire for and by trade unions
- Sidney Mock, marketing director of the world’s largest career site Monsterboard, member of the board Wage Indicator Foundation

Launch of E-unions
Worldwide helpdesk

16.30 - E-unions team from London, Geneva, Rome, Madrid, Amsterdam, Minsk (virtual) introduces this multilingual resource for trade union web workers, new style.

16.40 - Introduction to the Wage Indicator family
Paulien Osse – web manager, director Wage Indicator Foundation. Presentation. 

16.50 - Good news from the ILO
Frank Hoffer
, International Labour Organisation

Play the World Wide Wage Indicator Game
17.00 - Scientists and web workers of Poland, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany and the UK compete while testing their knowledge playing the WorldWide Wage indicator Game.


17.15 – LAUNCH of all the Wage Indicators

Moderator: Dirk Dragstra


Meeting of minds; session only for Wage indicator partners

Web workers in 2 groups

9.00-11.00 group 1- web workers – this is how your content management system works by Rachel James, Mark Martens

9.00-11.00 group 2- web workers - writing for the web, marketing and promotion of the web, by Paulien Osse, Christine Revkin, Oskar van Rijswijk, Dirk Dragstra.

11.00-13.00 swop of group 1 and 2


Meeting researchers, chaired by Maarten van Klaveren, AIAS/University of Amsterdam

1. Introduction partners

2. Report about the withdrawal of the Italian partner IRES, and decision about the admission of the new Italian partner CHILD

3. Discussion and decisions about the questionnaire, including the document ‘Country-specific questions in the WIQ Wage Indicator Questionnaire’

4. The industry codes (Nace) and the occupational codes (ISCO)

5. The long-term planning as regards the dataset releases and the national reports

6. The procedure with the Salary checks

7. The role of the researchers and the role of the web managers

13.00 - Lunch

Workshops country teams


Tackling issues, questions, problems, sharing commitments related to:

- Questionnaire policy,

- Salary check policy,

- Marketing of the website

- Organisation of the national team

15.00 - Break


- Are we able - as researchers and web workers - to create successful national Wage Indicators?
- Presentation of national teams.

18.00 - Dinner outside


Money, law, contracts; session only for Wage indicator partners
(Closed plenary session)

9.00- 10.00 financial issues for project partners

by Maarten van Klaveren, financial manager wage indicator and Woliweb

Practical matters
Activities covered by the grant
Payment scheme
Motivation of payment scheme
Additional funding

10.00-11.00 how to deal with contracts
Letter of intent
Model agreement with Stichting Loonwijzer
In-country model agreement

11.00-12.00 dataset and data policy ownership
by Kea Tijdens, research coordinator wage indicator and Woliweb


Data releases for participants
Commercial use of dataset
Revenues from the dataset
Research on the dataset
Privacy matters

12.00-13.00 new countries
by Paulien Osse

Countries showing interest
Joining Woliweb?
Uniformity and diversity
Who does what?

Lunch and goodbyes


The Woliweb project (2004-2007) on 'The socio-economic determinants of citizens’ work life attitudes, preferences and perceptions, using data from the continuous web-based European Wage Indicator Survey' is supported by the European Commission’s socio-economic research programme (FP6).


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