Title: Correctie Loonkloof in Sectoren: Onderzoek en beleidsontwikkeling om de loonkloof m/v te verkleinen (Correction Wage Gap in Sectors)
Acronym: CLOSE
Duration: October 2006 - June 2007
Funded by: Ministry of Social Affairs and FNV union confederation in the Netherlands
Partners: University of Amsterdam/AIAS and STZ research and consultancy
Status: finished
Researchers: Wim Sprenger, Kea Tijdens
Project management: Maarten van Klaveren

CLOSE is the acronym for (in Dutch) Correction Wage Gap in Sectors. The project is commissioned by the FNV union confederation and its two largest affiliates, AbvaKabo FNV and FNV Bondgenoten. Half of the project is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, half of it by the unions involved. The project aims at diminishing the gender wage gap in six sectors, three in the field of AbvaKabo (public sector) and three in that of Bondgenoten (market sector). Based on research on the size and determinants of the gender wage gap, debates will be organized with paid and lay union officials in these sectors about policy options. Next will be calculating the effects of the remaining options on the size of the gap. The results will be broadly discussed in the FNV confederation and will be available for the general public.

Download report in Dutch: Dicht de loonkloof. Verslag van het CLOSE-(Correctie loonkloof in sectoren)-onderzoek voor de FNV, ABVAKABO en FNV Bondgenoten.


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