Decent Wage Myanmar, Phase 1

Language Birmese, English
Title Decent Wage Myanmar, Phase 1
Funded by Mondiaal FNV
Duration Second half of 2019
Goal Contribute wage and cost of living data for establishing new minimum wage levels in the country
Description National stakeholders want to revise the existing minimum wage level(s), setting and structure to arrive at a new minimum wage in 2020. This minimum wage should be clearly related to cost of living/living wage. To create a level playing field in tripartite negotiations and consultations neutral technical assistance is needed to organize, create and provide the necessary input in terms of wage and cost of living data during the seond half of 2019. Data collection in regions Ayeyarwady, Bago, Mandalay, Yangon; and in sectors: garment, fisheries, alimentation, construction, agriculture.
Countries in action Myanmar
Lead Partner WageIndicator Foundation
Key actors Huub Bouma, Tomas Kabina, Paulien Osse & Kea Tijdens
Partners Trade union MICS
 July 2019 - January 2020
WageIndicator survey on wages & working conditions, cost of living survey
Data Visual 
Decent Wages in Myanmar - 2019 - data viz
Decent Wages in Myanmar - 2019 

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