Flexible wages

Title: Flexible wages in the Netherlands
Duration: October 2007 - June 2008
Funded by: FNV Bondgenoten, Netherlands
Researchers: Maarten van Klaveren, Kea Tijdens
Project management: WageIndicator Foundation - Paulien Osse

This project aims to measure the incidence of forms of flexible wages in the Netherlands, based on current and new questions in the Loonwijzer-survey. This incidence will be broken down by industry, region, age, ethnic group, gender, education level, and job level. It aims to explore to what extent flexible wages are related to the performance of the individual workers, their team or their company. Finally, the project aims to investigate workers' attitudes and opinions about flexible wages. The Loonwijzer website is used to post information about flexible wages, and to invite visitors to the conference on flexible wages in June 2008, organized by FNV Bondgenoten, where the report on flexible wages in the Netherlands is presented.



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