Gross/Net Check plus employer’s labour costs


Name of the project

Bruto/Netto-Check met werkgeversdeel (Gross/Net Check plus employer’s labour costs)



Funded by

Instituut Gak


9/5/2019 - 30/6/2020

Aim of the project

By showing all the costs that are associated with an employee’s wage, WageIndicator provides insight into the taxes and social security contributions that Dutch employees and employers have to pay. It will do so through a virtual payslip. The current Gross/Net Check will be updated for this purpose: it will be expanded to include the employer’s contributions. Together with this update, WageIndicator will inform employees, employers and self-employed workers about labour costs. WageIndicator will do so by producing explanatory texts and videos and drawing up frequently asked questions (FAQs). The updated Check and the accompanying content will be promoted through the Dutch website, its social media channels, the WageIndicator newsletter and press releases.

This project has been initiated due to the lack of knowledge on labour costs. Many employees have too little insight into the costs that are associated with their employment. The same applies for self-employed workers and independent contractors: they often do not know what the costs for their clients would be if one of their clients would hire them and would become their employer. By showing all the labour costs through a virtual payslip, this will become immediately clear. Workers can enter their current wage in the Gross/Net Check and it will show the taxes and social security contributions they have to pay, together with the contributions of their employer. Through this, WageIndicator will help every worker, employer and independent contractor on the Dutch labour market to better understand their own position.


The Netherlands


May 2019: updating Gross/Net Check

June 2019: creating explanatory and promotional content  

August 2019: improving and promoting existing content

September 2019: updating Gross/Net Check based on new tax rates

October-December 2019: performing project evaluation

January 2020: implementing evaluation findings into project

February-June 2020: improving and promoting existing content


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