How Decent is my Flower Farm?

Language English, Amharic
Title How Decent is my Flower Farm?
Funded by Mondiaal FNV
Duration July 2019 - December 2020
Goal Improve labour conditions in the flower sector in Ethiopia and Uganda.

The project focuses on 4 activities: 1) map cost of living levels in and around 3 selected floricultural hubs (2 in Ethiopia and 1 in Uganda) and present living wages; 2) collect and analyse factory cases of non-compliance with the labour law using the special DecentWorkChecks developed by WageIndicator, 3) make an inventory of all Collective Bargaining Agreements in the sector, analyse the clauses and propose (gender-specific) improvements and finally, 4) bring the results of these 3 investigations forward in a debate in both Ethiopia and Uganda, involving as many and diverse stakeholders as possible in these social dialogues. The project results, both intermediate and a final report will be published on and and for consultation, reference and practical application.

Countries in action Ethiopia, Uganda
Lead Partner WageIndicator Foundation
Key actors Birhanu Mekonin, Daniela Ceccon
Partners Trade union confederation CETU in Ethiopia and its affiliate NFFPFAITU; in Uganda  the Horticultural and Industrial Service Providers Allied Workers' Union UHISPAWU is the project partner, and the national employers association FUE supports the project. 
 July 2019 - January 2021

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