InGRID2: Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion to fulfil its key role in the development of evidence-based European policies for Inclusive Growth, better measurement of related state policies. 2017-2021


InGRID2 (2017-2021)

Project name: Inclusive Growth Infrastructure Diffusion
Lead Partner: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - HIVA (Be)

Tarki Tarsadalomkutatasi Intezet (Hu), Universiteit van Amsterdam/AIAS (NL), Stockholms Universitet (SW), Universitaet Trier (DE), Centre D Estudis Demografics (ES), Ceps/Instead (LU), Universiteit Antwerpen (BE), University Of Essex (UK), Universitaet Bremen (DE), Centre D'etudes De L'emploi (FR), Centre For European Policy Studies (BE), Universita Di Pisa (IT), University of Southampton (UK), Luxembourg Income Study (LU), WageIndicator Foundation (NL), University of Manchester (UK), Deutsches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung DIW (DE) , Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers CNAM (Fr), Centre for European Policy Studies - CEPS (BE); Universita di Pisa UNIPI (IT);  Luxembourg Income Study (LU); ; Stredoeurópsky institút pre výskum práce CELSI (SK); Panteio Panepistimio Koinonikon Kaipolitikon Epistimon Panteion (GR), Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy - Panstwowy Institut Badawczy (PL)

Associate partners:  WageIndicator Foundation
Funded by:

European Commission - Research and Innovation action (No. 730998)


1 May 2017 - 1 May 2021


Aims:    Referring to the increasingly challenging EU2020-ambitions of Inclusive Growth , the objectives of the InGRID-2 project are to advance the integration and innovation of distributed social sciences research infrastructures (RI) on ‘poverty, living conditions and social policies’ as well as ‘working conditions, vulnerability and labour policies’. InGRID-2 will extend transnational on-site and virtual access, organize mutual learning and discussions of innovations, and improve data services and facilities of comparative research. The focus areas are a) integrated and harmonized data, (b) links between policy and practice, and (c) indicator-building tools. This includes access to WageIndicator databases.

Publications:  News - Publications
Outcomes:  Project output
Events: Data Forum - 2017 August 31 - Amsterdam

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