Language Of all 27 EU countries
Title Changes in the financial Labour Market. The impact of Directive 2014/65 (MiFID II) and Digitalization. 
Duration 2019-2020
Goal This project aims at strengthening the role and contribution of industrial relations, in particular the social dialogue in the banking sector in responding to the major challenges brought by digitalisation process and introduction of Directive MiFID II. The approach is innovative through search activities to deepen the analysis on topics key of new organisational frameworks of banks and experimentation of new contractual forms. For further information, please visit our website

Changes in the financial Labour Market: the impact of Directive 2014/65 (MiFID II) and Digitalization. The key-role of Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations to manage the transition from 'traditional' to 'hybrid' contracts for a renewed protection.

Countries in action EU 27
Partners  The project is being implemented by the consortium of partners, Federazione Italiana Reti dei Servizi del Terziario (FIRST-CISL) in Italy as a leading organisation and its partners Central European Labour Studies Institute (CELSI) in Slovakia,  Association for International and Comparative Studies in Labour and Industrial Relations (ADAPT) in Italy and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH). This survey is implemented via the project's associated partner the WageIndicator Foundation.
Key actors Workers in the banking sector Austria Belgium - nl Bulgarian Croatian Cyprus Czech Danish Dutch Estonia Finnish French German Greek Hungary Italy Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Polish Portuguese Romanian Slovakia Slovenian Spain Sweden UK
Data   By end of 2020, data will be available.



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