Transparency through Mobile Internet

Language Bahasa / English
Project title Transparency through mobile internet. Enabling apparel workers and employers to check, debate, negotiate and publish wages and working conditions online
Funded by C&A Foundation
Duration April 2017 - August 2019 ( Phase 2 (2019 - 2022) - How decent is my Factory? - check this page)
Goal of the project Despite widespread improvement efforts in Indonesia many garment factories still fail to comply with minimum wage and labour law. Currently, workers and unions do not have access to granular information comparing compliance between factories, limiting ability for unions to negotiate improvements, for workers to make informed decisions on where to work. Together with partners KSBSI, Garteks, TSK SPSI Rekonsiliasi, SPN, TSK SPSI AGN, WageIndicator will adapt their existing “Decent Work Check” survey, to collect information directly from garment workers, publishing their feedback on user-friendly webpages to enable workers and buyers to compare data between factories. The grant will also enable Wage Indicator to collect and codify garment industry CBAs to add to their existing CBA database on and to host local “debates" with employers, unions, labor inspectors and brands to catalyze improvements.
Countries in Action Indonesia
Lead Partner WageIndicator Foundation,
Key actors of the project Project leader international: Paulien Osse & Nadia Pralitasari. Team international: Iftikhar Ahmad, Huub Bouma, Wietze Helmantel, Kea Tijdens Maarten van Vulpen. Team national: Gajimu: Nadia Pralitasari, Lydia Hamid, Oky Wiratama. Team national: KSBSI: Sulistri . Team national Garteks: Elly Rosita Silaban and many more
Partners KSBSI / Garteks / Serikat Pekerja Nasional (SPN)/ TSK – SPSI AGN/  TSK – SPSI Rekonsiliasi

Garment data Garment data
Websites - general in Bahasa - Garment focus in Bahasa - Garment focus in English

Data Visualization and project progress

Gajimu data visualisation - About the changes in garment factories.

Facebook page Gajimu
Leaflet  About the Gajimu - Garment project - English
  • Presentation Conference University of Amsterdam about Global Wages Sept. 1, 2017.
  • Presentation at CSR Asia Summit September 2018
  • Presentation at RDW Conference, ILO, Geneva, 8-10m July 2019



DecentWorkCheck, workers and HR version for web and app, Bahasa and English. Factory Survey for web and app - only for interviewers. At this moment garment only


Salary check and Salary survey
Labour Law
Minimum Wages

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