WageIndicator Research Lab at FLAME

Language English
Title WageIndicator Research Lab at FLAME
Funded by FLAME University, WageIndicator Foundation
Duration July 2019 - July 2022
Goal Teach and share WageIndicator survey, data processing and dissemination know how with FLAME students and offering them internships

WageIndicator offers 2 courses for which FLAME students can get academic credit. These courses will be offered each year as part of the FLAME curriculum and are conducted by experts from WageIndicator and FLAME teachers trained by WageIndicator. Each course will end with an individual evaluation/assessment. 

The duration and course structure are designed in keeping with FLAME University’s broader structure and academic vision. The courses are offered to FSLE students depending on their academic program structure. The courses are primarily directed towards social science students and students with a research inclination. 

FLAME students can participate in the Research Lab by offering their assistance for lab activities and in doing so acquire practical skills as well, i.e. an internship. Enrollment in lab activities may be increased depending on the need of the lab and performance of the students during their internship. Intention: max 100 interns for a year. One day a week.

Countries in action India, Netherlands
Lead Partner WageIndicator Foundation & FLAME University
Key actors Janna Besamusca, Daniela Ceccon, Dirk Dragstra, Rupa Korde, Paulien Osse, Karen Rutter
Partners FLAME University, Pune
Over a period of three years (2019 - 2022) there will be 2 courses for students , recurring each year in the second half of August, the first starting August 15, 2019. 
Websites and national sites
Press release
18th September 2019 - WageIndicator and FLAME University start global cooperation on data and data journalism    

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