Wages and working conditions in the Indian IT sector -April 2014

Wages and working conditions in the Indian IT sector, WageIndex Analytical Report India, April 2014

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Abstract / Key findings:

  • Information and communications technology (ICT) sector generates 8 % of Indian GDP and 9.5 million workplaces. About 24% of the output is intended for exports.
  • Its workers are highly educated 46 % has a Bachelor’s and 37 % has a Master’s degree. 
  • 95 % of workers in ICT sector are less than 40 years old.
  • Supervisors, more experienced workers and workers with permanent contracts earn more than non-supervisors, junior workers and employees with temporary work contracts. Those working in foreign-owned firms earn more than those in domestic companies.
  • 27.4 % of ICT workers receive performance bonus and 17.7 % enjoys annual bonus. Paid overtime/weekend work is rare in this sector. 
  • ICT workers are typically satisfied with their relationships with colleagues and bosses, but less satisfied with their wage.
  • Indian ICT managers and professionals enjoy living standards comparable with their European counterparts, but ICT technicians and associate professionals are much poorer.

The analysis presented in this report is based on the WageIndicator dataset covering the period of March 2012- February 2014. The wage analysis is based on data collected from Paycheck India’s ( Salary Calculator and Monster Salary Index from the aforementioned period. The sample used for the analysis consists of 2,329 observations.


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